Gayle King Details Catching Husband In Bed With Her “Friend” And He Publicly Apologized

Posted On : July 17, 2019

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Gayle King and her bestie, Oprah Winfrey, appeared on the OG Chronicles, where they chopped it up about the time Gayle caught her then husband having sex with another woman.

Though Gayle’s former husband issued a public apology in recent years, that didn’t stop Gayle from continuing to put his cheating history on full blast…and she came out with ALL guns blazing! After Gayle revealed that her husband cheated, as truth diggers, we did further diggin’ and found the hardcore details they’ve both publicly acknowledged about that painful fiasco. Gayle broke down exactly what happened on that fateful day. While, her ex-husband manned up to and publicly apologize to his former Queen, whom it kind of sounds like he wouldn’t mind getting back (although he didn’t say that).

Gayle Admits She Has Problem Making Friends Ever After What Mistress Told Her
During on of their episodes of OG Chronicles interview Gayle admitted that she’s had problems making ‘new friends.’ Then Oprah interjected by mentioning that Gayle’s ‘new friend’ problem is because of the woman Gayle’s ex-husband cheated with.


Gayle: “I Thought You Were My Friend”
Gayle then revealed that she knew the mistress and said “I thought you were my friend,” to which the mistress replied, “I never liked you.”

Gayle Discussed Catching Them In Bed Together>>>