She Gets It From Her Auntie! Her Legendary Aunt Had 80s R&B On Fire & Don Cornelius Loved Her

Posted On : July 10, 2018
(via Instagram)

Some say she looks like her R&B Aunt, some say she doesn’t. So that might not be a good hint, but here are a few others: her Aunt was in a group in the 70’s and 80’s and she also had a monstrous solo career. That’s about all we’ll give you on this one ILOSM fam.’ Think you guessed this one right? See who she is below…

Jody Watley (right) and her niece, Arin Watley (left)
Jody Watley (right) and her niece, Arin Watley (left) via @JodyWatley

It’s none other than Jody Watley, former member of Shalamar- the group that late “Soul Train” founder, Don Cornelius created. She’s also the “New Love” legend, who influenced fashion of the 80’s in a major way.

Jody Watley’s’s niece, Arin Watley is getting ready to do it like Auntie. The 24-year old has released an album and several more singles of her own. Her body of work is full of mellow rhythmic jams, but the chick’s got a lil’ rap flow in her too. She goes toe to toe with the guest rapper, Geonnie J. on the song below.

It kind of sounds like Arin was influenced by Janet Jackson’s laid back songs, like “Come Back To Me” and “Funny How Times Flies When You’re Having Fun.”

Arin plays a little guitar too and something she’s known to say is “No matter what you say, dudes always have an answer.” Maybe she should write a song about that.

Arin Watley via @ibeezarinn
Arin Watley via Instagram

For those who don’t know, Her Aunt Jody (Jody Watley) released an album titled “Paradise,” in recent years, on her own label, Avitone.

Watley’s evolution has been epic. Remember when the Chi-town girl was new to the game in the 70’s and was just doing her thing on Soul Train? That’s when she, Jeffrey Daniel and Howard Hewett became Shalamar and gave us hits like “Night To Remember”, “Second Time Around” and “I Don’t Wanna Be The Last!” They made their mark in soul music history and Jody Watley became an 80’s R&B Sweetheart with her solo hits that have now become cult classics. Now her hard work and dedication to her craft, is influencing the next generations in the Watley family and t’s a beautiful thing to witness.

Maybe one day, Jody will grace one of Arin’s songs with her signature voice. Only time will tell…let’s keep an eye out for Arin Watley.