She Gettin’ Money: Lil’ Kim Is Setting Sail For Reality TV This Summer With Her Famous Friends

Posted On : June 11, 2019

Lil’ Kim has been facing some serious money problems for the past few years, a challenge she doesn’t necessarily deny. Though there was a time when she was collecting huge checks for her contribution to the culture as a pioneer in Hip Hop you barely hear Kim spit anymore. And when she does it’s normally a track to serve as a quick reminder about why she is and will forever be the Queen Bee. However, Kim has bills and a kid so when someone offers up a check with a whole lot of zeros best believe Kim is going to snatch it. And when VH1 comes a callin’ with a check you better be ready to do whatever they ask.

The High Seas

Lil Kim has never been one to shy away from the camera. As a matter of fact, Kim loves the camera. She’s been a major fixture in fashion and the music industry for over twenty years, and it must have been that same reputation that caused VH1 to include her in its newest reality television venture Girl’s Cruise.

You’re probably asking yourself “When did Kim get a captain’s license?” Don’t worry, Kim won’t be steering the boat. More than likely she got the title of “captain” because she’s not just involved in front of the camera. Entertainment Weekly reports;

Kim, who’s executive producing the show, and her girls will have cameras following them as they visit beautiful, tropical locations and share emotional breakthroughs. Plus, the network promises there will be romances on the horizon.

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