“Ghostbusters” Singer Ray Parker Jr. Is Livin’ His Best Life At 66 & Making Major Money

Posted On : March 30, 2021
Ray Parker Jr.

True Old Schoolers remember the legendary Ray Parker Jr.. The year was 1984 when he graced Hollywood with the classic “Ghost Busters” theme song to the iconic film. Matter of fact, if it were not for Ray adding a lil’ funk to the comical movie, the film starring Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray, and would NOT have been as hot at that time. Prior to Ghost Busters real R&B fans already knew about Ray’s Raydio group and hits like, “A Woman Needs Love (Just Like You Do)” and his solo hits like, “The Other Woman.” However, after mainstream America caught wind of Ray, his money and stock as a singer, musician, and songwriter went waaay up! So waaay up, that these days, the brotha is out here livin’ his best life with his lavish lifestyle, wife, and family.

Those Checks Must Be Nice!

“Ghostbusters” Films Grossed Major Money At Box Office, With Help From Ray Parker Jr.

Ray Parker Jr. didn’t just sing the “Ghost Busters” theme song, he wrote and produced it. All three installments of the film grossed over $685 million. Can we say cha-ching?!!

He Wrote Known Hits For Other Artists That Most Fans Never Even Knew He Wrote

Ray also wrote hits for many multiplatinum artists, including New Edition’s, “Mr. Telephone Man, “ and other songs for Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and many more. Again, can we say cha-ching?!!

He’s Making 66 Look Like The New 46 & His Wife Is Lovin’ It

Above is one of the latest photos of Ray Parker Jr.. This brotha is lookin’ good at 66 years young.

Happy Wife, Happy Life…But There’s More…

Ray Parker Jr. and wife, Elaine, during hike at Yosemite National Park in California

Ray has been married to wife, Elaine, for 26 years (ever since he was 40). They have 4 kids together and are now enjoying the laid-back lifestyle his music royalties have afforded them big time.

Did Ray Splurge On A New Rolls Royce?

Who said stuntin’ was only for these young’s out here?!! Ray Parker Jr. worked hard for his money, so he deserves to gift himself a new Rolls Royce. Just stuntin’ next to someone else’s ride, or his own.

He Has An Interesting Side Hobby – His Very Own Wine Vineyard

Ray Parker Jr.: “We harvest all the grapes today for next years wine! What a blessing! I ate the ones I’m holding lol!”

It’s unclear whether or not Ray intends to sell his wine or just keep it for himself and close friends and fam, but regardless, the brotha is clearly committed to harvesting his own wine from his very own vineyard every year.

A Few More Little Known Fun Facts About Ray Parker Jr.

He Loves Hangin’ Wit hIs Celebrity Friends

Above is a shot of Ray with his homie, Denzel Washington, NBA icon, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and NBA player, Dwight Howard.

He Loves Puffin’ On Expensive Cuban Cigars

Ray Parker Jr.

Ray also showed that his squeaky, clean-cut image ain’t all that squeaky clean. He likes to get his smoke on every now n’ then, by puffin’ on $150+ cuban cigars, while chillin’ in Havana, Cuba. Do your thang Ray!