Ginuwine & Tank Are HEATED & Go OFF On Tyrese’s COMMENTS About Them!

Posted On : April 11, 2017

TGT was like our last hope that R&B groups were making a comeback. When Tank, Ginuwine, and Tyrese decided to join forces, it seemed like they were on to something. Every last one of those cats can sing and they came with their own fan base. But of course when already-established stars collaborate and bring their well-established fan bases with them, egos clash and groups crash n’ burn as a result.
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In the past, TGT has traded heated words publicly before and then things seemed to simmer down between the three, although they never reunited as a group.

But we’re speaking too soon here, because after Ginuwine and Tank peeped what Tyrese had to say in his recent interview with The Breakfast Club, it was all she wrote as far as hopes of any reunion goes. Check out what Tyrese said when he and Ludacris were promoting their new film, Furious 8:

Breakfast club interview just went OFF!!!!!!!!!! #F8 promo and addressing the controversy head on – Weak stomachs stay away from this video

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Basically Tyrese gave his honest side of the story when he was asked about any possibility of the group reuniting:

“I mean listen man…Ginuwine still wants an equal split. I want to make this short and sweet. At the end of the day I feel like we’re all brothers, we’re all family and all of the above, but let’s say if Chris [Ludacris] for example is getting $200,000 a show and I’m getting $30,000 a show I think my motivation to split with Chris would be pretty obvious, because if I’m splitting with Chris then I’m getting way more at the end of the day per show.” Tyrese said. “It’s business. Outside of brotherhood, and you my dude and my family, it’s business.”

Ginuwine and Tank did not appreciate Tyrese airing their business out like that, and snickering about it on top of that.

First Ginuwine let of shots about at Tyrese and apparently Tank tried to cool the brotha down:

After Tank’s attempt to keep things civil…or at least off of social media, regarding their problems with Tyrese, he must have had a change of heart because then this happened…
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Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 1.33.15 PMDoes Tyrese Have A Point Though? Maybe So…Here’s Why…

Although Ginuwine is a helluva artist and has in fact sold far more records than Tyrese, Tyrese’s point of view regarding an equal pay split, is based on what he knows he’s bringing to the table. When they first formed TGT- Tyrese was in a lesser position. Today, his weight as a mainstream actor and major social media celebrity, would have a direct affect on TGT’s future sales, concerts, and appearance turnouts, if they ever reunite. So the question is- no matter how cocky Tyrese’s comment may have sounded, does he actually deserve to now get paid a higher percentage of the cut than his TGT brothers? Some say ‘yes,’ some say ‘no’…what’chall think ILOSM fam?’