Ginuwine Under Fire..Performs Family-Friendly Event But Keeps It Extra Nasty & Fans React

Posted On : July 6, 2018

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Apparently, after contracting Ginuwine, the city of Albany, Georgia didn’t lay ground rules for its “family-friendly” 4th of July event. While it was promoted as PG, whole families watched as the artist performed to his famed lyrics — uncut.

According to Albany Herald, several calls were made to city officials — including various commissioners and the mayor, Dorothy Hubbard — after R&B legend, Elgin “Ginuwine” Lumpkin, showcased his talents during an annual festival.

The source reports Chad Warbington as a local business owner and resident in Albany, who attended the event. Warbington posted to Facebook, regarding Ginuwine’s act, as follows:

“The things this guy was rapping/singing about was totally inappropriate at a public family event. I posted about it on my Facebook page and shared some video. The city hired this guy and advertised this event as family-friendly. What he was singing about was not family-friendly.”

“Pretty tough lyrics of the song the city of Albany paid for and posted on their Facebook page,” the man further wrote. “See my comments if you want to read the lyrics. Not criticism toward any genre because bad lyrics can be found in most genres of our culture. I just expected more from our city.”

“The city should have a policy of vetting artists or their lyrics when those artists will be performing in a public, city-sponsored venue,” Warbington continued.

“They could just have it in their contract that if an entertainer is hired to play at a public event paid for by the city, then they can’t use foul language and foul subject matter. If they can’t abide by that, then they shouldn’t be paid for by the city of Albany. I mean, I want to know how much they paid this guy.”


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According to the Herald, various city commissioners responded to the public’s outcry regarding the artist’s “rendition,” if you will.

Ward IV Albany City Commissioner, Roger Marietta, mentions that, as part of the performance agreement, the city should’ve required Ginuwine to give a “clean” show. Moreover, Ward I City Commissioner, Jon Howard, says the artist should’ve been vetted better.

“If you know that an artist has a lot of lyrics that are inappropriate words and activities, that should not be allowed, period, under no circumstance,” Howard states.

Yet, many comments concerning this story express a common-sense position.

Like…why are city officials acting so incredibly surprised —  as if the city didn’t realize it hired Ginuwine as the headlining act?

You know who you hired. You know he makes baby-making music. Why act surprised now?

Ginuwine creates music geared towards “making families.” So, maybe that’s where the City got mixed up? Maybe that’s where they thought it’d be “family-friendly”?

Nevertheless, Howard continued his response, by noting the “future of our children” as his main premise:

“We want to make sure that we protect the innocent, our future generations of young kids.”


The Albany Herald mentions a particular entertainment budget for the show, approximately to the tune of $60,000.

However, according to city manager spokesperson, Monique Broughton-Knight, there are no details available relating to the amount Lumpkin received for his performance:

“I am not sure how much he (Ginuwine) was paid. The overall budget for the event was $60,000, and we worked with a promoter. I am not sure how much of the budget he got paid. The downtown manager’s office worked with the promoter to find entertainment that falls within the budget, and we also try to find entertainment or artists who are not really in their peak or prime, but have a following. I think the numbers (an estimated 3,000 in attendance at the Veterans Park Amphitheatre) show that people knew who he was.”

Via Twitter or various other social media outlets, Ginuwine has yet to utter one word about the event or backlash from the City. It’s quite possible the “Pony” crooner could really give a damn one way or the other. Or worse, doesn’t even know it’s a ‘thing.’

All in all, ILOSM fam,’ what’chall think about the way Ginuwine handled this situation? Do you think he was aware it was a family-friendly environment or nah? If you have any comments, feel free to share them with us on Facebook.

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