Giuliani Slams Bey: “I’ve Saved More Black Lives Than Any Of THOSE PEOPLE”

Posted On : August 30, 2016

Former Republican mayor of New York city/opposer of the anti-police brutality BlackLivesMatter movement, Rudy Giuliani, bashed Beyonce’ for her MTV Awards performance (side note: He also previously called Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance ridiculous). During her MTV show, Beyonce’ not only paid homage to the many Black lives that have been unjustly taken by trigger-happy police officers…but also to their mothers, some of whom she brought with her to the show. But Giuliani had a LOT to say about it…


Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 4.11.17 PM

Here are a few things we couldn't help but notice regarding how this Beyonce'/Giuliani story was covered on Fox & Friends:

During Rudy Giuliani's "Fox & Friends" interview, did y'all catch how Fox sent subliminal messages by labeling Beyonce's VMA performance as "Anti-Police" (not 'anti-police BRUTALITY')?
Did you also catch how the Fox host asked Giuliana about the "war on cops" when asking him about Beyonce' (but never mentioning the war on innocent victims killed by cops)?
Lastly, did you hear the other Fox host take a shot at Beyonce' at the end of the video for speaking out against racial injustices?

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