Gladys Knight Jumps In Aretha & Dionne’s Beef..Shockingly Shades One Of ‘Em Hard

Posted On : May 5, 2017

ILOSM fam’ there comes a time when we all have to let certain things, but as we previously reported, that time is not now for Aretha Franklin and her issues with Dionne Warwick. Therefore, their friend, Gladys Knight, has just offered her two cents on that colossal sized blast session Aretha publicly gave about Dionne recently.

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The Beef Between Aretha & Dionne

Before we get into how Gladys eloquently shaded one of her two friends over this situation, we’ll recap what Aretha actually said about Dionne for those who missed it: In a nutshell the ‘Queen of Soul’ is still pissed off with Dionne for a mishap she stated FIVE YEARS AGO at Whitney Houston’s (Dionne’s cousin) 2012 funeral. Aretha couldn’t attend Whitney’s funeral due to her swollen foot. So all Dionne said about Aretha (whose nickname is Re and/or Re-Re) while speaking at the podium during the funeral, was “Re’s not here, but she is here…she loves Whitney as if she were born to her. She is her godmother.” No big deal right? Wrong! Aretha still has a problem with Dionne mistakenly referring to her as Whitney’s ‘godmother,’ a common misconception that millions have thought for decades. In a recent interview, Aretha let the Associated Press know that she ‘felt the comment was damaging to her and planned to address it at a later date.’

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In that same AP interview, Aretha then revealed that she recently saw Dionne at the Tribeca Film Festival and shaded the hell outta her yet again:

Via AP: “She said, ‘Give me a hug.’ I said, ‘Oh hell no. You couldn’t be serious,'” Franklin said.

Dionne Warwick responded through her representative with a brief statement: “She will not dignify a response to the statement made by Aretha Franklin.”

Gladys Knight Weighs In On The Tension Between Franklin & Warwick

And as of today, soul music icon, Gladys Knight, has something to say about both of her iconic friends. She basically indicated that Ms. Franklin needs to chill out with the Dionne bashing and let the drama go. Here’s what she revealed to HipHopHollywood:

“I know my sister, Dionne. It ain’t nothing to her. Now Re (Aretha), is a little bit different…LOL. It’s just one of those things, everybody got their little knick knacks going on. “Dionne is gon’ speak her mind and she’s gon’ tell the truth. Re is gon’ be sensitive and cause a whole lot of rift raft.”

And there ya’ have it ILOSM family! Beef does not stop with reality TV stars…it is very much so alive and well within the lives of some of our favorite soul legends also. Hopefully Ms. Warwick and Ms. Franklin will be able to hug it out and move past this soon. Props to Mrs. Knight for keeping it real with her friends. After all, that’s what friends are for…