Glenn Plummer Reveals Why He Was About To ‘Kick Sean Penn’s A$$’

Posted On : July 22, 2018

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Remember the 1988 movie, “Colors?” That’s like a cult classic now and it brings back some great memories of going to the movie theaters and having a blast back in the day. But for actor, Glenn Plummer, those memories aren’t quite chuckle material…it’s more like “I wish a MF’er would’ type of memory for him…see what he detailed about this…


See what Glenn revealed about how the on-screen beef between “High Top” (Glenn), “Pac-Man” (Sean Penn), “Hodges” (Robert Duvall and others in the movie, translated to real life beef behind the scenes. The ‘ish’ got REAL!


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Sean Penn (L) and Robert Duvall (R) in “Colors” movie (screen-grab)

Glenn Plummer recalled the scene in “Colors,” where police officers, “Pac-Man” and “Hodges” beat the brakes off of him and what he did next. Duvall and Penn went off-script and got reality twisted with fiction says Plummer:

GLENN PLUMMER ON ROBERT DUVALL- “So we get on set and these guys are running around and they’re treating everybody like they’re gang members. You know what I mean? Like talking…little advantages and stuff. Like we did a scene the alley way and the first thing that happened in that scene was that I was on my knees and Robert Duvall slapped me in the face with a notebook, like hard enough to put…a welp on my cheek. So that was the FIRST thing that happened, I was HANDCUFFED! […] And I looked at him and I remember going “Aww man, it’s like THAT? And I’m looking around and I’m wondering if anybody’s gonna do anything about it….nobody said anything.”

GLENN PLUMER ON SEAN PENN- Then came the time to film the scene when Sean Penn had to chase Glenn down the alley and that’s when Glenn said the ‘ish’ REALLY hit the fan:

“I think he got upset because he wanted everything to be ‘real,’ but what ended up happening was he kinda felt like he wanted to do some extra sh*t. And he ended up slamming my face down on the car and in the scene I was wearing these shades. And at one point he slammed it and i took it with my elbows and then when I relaxed, he slammed my head back down into the car, busted my shades, ripped them apart and you know, gave me this whole like, reason to kill him. Then at that point I was like ‘Okay you know what? This has gone too far.’ So I stopped and I’m like ‘Man…I’m not really a gang member, I’m not really 17, I’m not really seventeen motherfu*ka, I’m 27 years old, I’m a grown ass man… And if you slam my head down on this car again dude I’m fuc*in’ you up.’ […] ‘And all them cops you hangin’ ’round with to get into character, and all these producers sitting around here who…don’t seem to care that you over here trying to fu*k me up, they ain’t gon’ get to you fast enough before I kick your a$$.’ So…you either stop doing this sh*t now, or me and you gon’ be in this dirt.'”

Glad to see that they squashed their beef after it was all said and done, but geesh, the tension was on level 10!