Good Deeds: Shaquille O’Neal FaceTimes Fan Battling Stage 4 Cancer

Posted On : April 9, 2019

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal has always come across like a pretty solid brotha. Aside from being a world renowned athlete he is also a very smart businessman and will endorse anything from foot powder to automobiles. Oh, and car insurance. Shaq doesn’t miss out on a check. Another thing that he doesn’t miss out on is the opportunity to bring a smile to one of his fan’s faces, which is exactly what he did for one woman who is battling a multitude of health issues.

A Simple Request

According to the Jasmine Brand a Twitter user named Jessie46914117 recently posted about her mother’s request to meet Shaq. Jess’s mother, who has been diagnosed with stage four brain, lung and breast cancer, is one of Shaq’s biggest fans and according to Jess one of the things she would love to make happen is setting up a meeting between Shaq and her mother.

Many users were touched by Jess’s story and constant posts about fulfilling her mother’s wish to meet Shaq so they, too, began retweeting Jess’s post. Even Missy Elliot retweeted Jess’s post! Eventually, Jess’s request made its way back to Shaq and he obliged by calling Jess’s mom via Facetime.

How cool is that? Shaq could have easily just replied to Jess’s tweet or sent a direct message but he actually called and made her mother’s day. And apparently Shaq called Jess’s mom a second time after their first chat as well. Jess posted a brief video of their second conversation via Twitter.

During their second conversation Shaq promised to meet Jess and her mother in person sometime in the future and that’s what sets him apart from most celebrities. Kudos to you Shaq for continuously being a standup guy that many people could learn a lot from.


Photo: Twitter