Good Lawd Halle! See Why 50 Yr Old Halle’s Bikini PHOTO Just Went Viral!

Posted On : August 31, 2016

halle berry

ILOSM family, we thought we’d share 50 year old Halle Berry’s motivational photo with you. Although we’re getting out of bikini season, it’s never too early to get motivated for next summer. So without further ado, check out the crazy sexy bikini photo Halle posted to Instagram¬†that has internet going crazy…

Halle Berry bikini pic at 50
Hale Berry, 2016 via Instagram @halleberry

After she posted her abs of steel bikini pic, it was hard to differentiate 2016 from 2002!

Halle Berry in "Die Another Day 007," 2002
Halle Berry in “Die Another Day 007,” 2002

Halle was fine then and she’s still FINE at 50! We see you Ms. Berry, over there aging like fine wine…keep holdin’ it down for the Old School!

Okay people, excuse me while I go dust off my gym membership card and get at it! Summer 2017 here I come!!!¬†😄