“Gordon’s” Son Exposed Damaged Relationship With Mom After Parents’ Bitter 39-Year Split

Posted On : September 24, 2021
Sesame Street actors, Roscoe Orman (“Gordon”) and Loretta Long, with Orman’s real-life son, Miles Orman on “Sesame Street” set

If you from the Old School, then we’re pretty sure you remember watching “Gordon” (Roscoe Orman) and “Susan” (Loretta Long) play a happily married couple, with their adopted son, “Miles,” on “Sesame Street.” Little did most of us know at that time, the kid who played “Miles” from 1985 to 1992, is actually Roscoe Orman’s REAL son. We did a lil’ diggin’ and found him and he also revealed the unfortunate relationship between him and his mother at the time Not sure where the status of their relationship is now, but here’s what we’ve learned thus far…

Roscoe “Gordon” Orman’s Son Now

Roscoe’s son’s real name is actually Miles, just like his former “Sesame Street” character. Miles Orman was 1 year old when he starred on the show as “Gordon’s” and “Susan’s” son. Today, he’s 36, with a family of his own.

Former “Sesame Street” actor, Miles Orman, son of “Sesame Street” actor Roscoe Orman (“Gordon”); via Instagram

A lot has changed about the kid who was once a drooling toddler on TV, learning lessons like, ‘P is for Play’ and such. These days, Miles and his wife of 8 years, Jasaline Orman, are raising two kids of their own – a 10 year old daughter and 5 year old son.

After his lengthy stint on “Sesame Street,” Miles left his acting career behind and instead attended Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY, where he played on their basketball team for 4 years…

Former “Sesame Street” actor, Miles Orman, son of “Sesame Street” actor Roscoe Orman (“Gordon”); via Instagram

Roscoe Orman’s Ex Sues, Says He Left Her After 39 Years For Another Woman

Roscoe Orman (77) was not legally married to Miles’ mother, Sharon Joiner (66), but they were common law husband and wife after 4 kids and living together for 39 years. In 2013, “Gordon” may have been teaching kids that ‘O is for owl,’ but in real life he learned that ‘P is for palimony.’ Why? Because that’s exactly what the courts ordered him to pay Sharon, after she sued him for reportedly leaving her broke and homeless for a another woman- his now wife, Kimberley LaMarque-Orman (shown below with Orman).

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Although Roscoe tried to fight against having to legally pay Sharon any support, the court ruled in Sharon’s favor. It noted that simply because they were not bonded in a written agreement (marriage), they lived like husband and wife in every since of the words.

Via NJ.com: “The court finds the plaintiff (Joiner) has fully performed her end of the bargain (to put it tersely),” Rosenberg wrote. “In addition, there is no way to qualify the value of the services plaintiff provided over the course of 39 years much less the value of foregone educational and work related opportunities. What is more, the defendant [Roscoe Orman] does not deny the agreement and even acknowledged the obligation by deeds and words.”

After moving out of their four-bedroom home in 2010, Orman continued paying Joiner-Orman $3,600 in monthly support payments[…] But he cut off support in late December 2012 when he married, the ruling states.

Their split was filled with heartbreak, but as we all know, sometimes people simply grow apart. Unfortunately, it also seems that is what has now transpired between Sharon and their son…

Son Gives Emotional Message About His Mom

In a touching (now deleted) online post, Miles Orman wrote this about the status of his relationship with his mother, Sharon Joiner:

“Looking through my pics I found one of my favorites of me and my mom. It made me sad..we haven’t spoken in quite some time. Throughout my life our relationship has been pretty tough to navigate. It has actually helped me in a lot of ways in learning to understand people’s psychology and how we need to empathize more than criticize.. but to this day and I’m sure for the rest of my life it will be one of the more challenging relationships for me to work through. #tbt #family #lifelessons” – Miles Orman