Gospel Star Le’Andria Johnson Curses Profusely In Video Rant, Slams Christians & Marvin Winans

Posted On : July 9, 2018
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“TIRED OF THIS CHRISTIANITY BULLSH*T!”…that was pretty much the sentiment uttered by gospel singer and ex-pastor, Le’Andria Johnson, the other day. In a video rant shared online, she went clean OFF on gospel legend, Marvin Winans, of the infamous Winans family and Christianity’s demands on gospel stars. Apparently, she is highly pissed about what happened to her at the 2018 Essence Festival and is cussin’ up a storm to get her point across …in the name of Jesus.

Le’Andria Pissed After Getting Kicked Out Of Essence Show

Word on the Old School curb is that Le’Andria was pretty much told to ‘get tuh steppin’ from the 2018 Essence Fest, in which she was scheduled to do a group tribute for gospel legend, Dottie Peoples. She was reportedly given the boot following an Instagram Live tirade, during which she slammed the hell outta gospel legend, Marvin Winans. There were also rumors that she was booted off the show because she was accused of being full of the Lawd’s juice during her video rant, if you catch my drift.
She’s tired of Marvin Winans…
In a series of Instagram videos, Le’Andria can be seen speaking her mind, using more than a few choice words that were rather uh…un-gospel-superstar-like. But hey, I ain’t judging, because we all know gospel stars are humans too…and they get just as pissed as anybody else. With that said, check out what Ms. Johnson had to say about an apparent unpleasant encounter with Marvin Winans.

“I don’t care whose spiritual father he is. He could’ve been mind. But naw…he wanted to go past me…like I was a PEASANT! Walk right past me, like I was a peasant. Really? Really? Gon’ walk past me, REALLY?!!” She continued, “And you ain’t even know, I’m a product of you!… But it’s all good though, now you know. … And I’ll tell you like this right here, on some real nig$a SH*T,” Le’Andria exclaimed as she took a tote of her cigarette. “Now y’all go spread that, y’all go make that viral. Love, peace, and happiness to those who know the truth and who tired of this Christianity BULLSH*T.”

In a separate video, she further explained and called out Marvin Winans. See what she said at the 23:40 mark below:

She’s fed up with Christian persona…
In another video, she confessed to being tired of having to live up to the persona that the Christian community places on gospel entertainers:

“I’m tired of being Le’Andria Jonhson…that y’all know of. […] I’ve always said my truth and I’ve always been me. But guess what…hell to the naw, I’m not fitna change because YOU think that I should change! …Because what?!! …I almost said get the fu*k outta here. That’s what I ALMOST said. I’m confident in who I am, I know who I am and baby let me tell ya’ something, I ain’t gotta be the Kirk Franklins, the Mary Marys, the Tasha Cobbs…I ain’t gotta be them. I’m me. …Everybody that’s around here telling us [gospel entertainers] what we can and can’t do, like y’all God, no, y’all can cut that out.”

She then addressed fans who were accusing her of being drunk, as she spoke on IG Live. Taking off her sunshades to show her eyes, Le’Andria said:

“I ain’t been drinking, I’m just upset and I’m mad. I’m TIRED of this bullsh*t. Yes I said it. …Essence Festival is a couple days away and if y’all feel like y’all don’t want on it [then] y’all don’t want me on it.”

Reacts to being kicked off Essence Fest show…
After learning that she was booted from the show, following her cuss-word laced rant, Le’Andria hopped back onto IG Live to go off some more. She was quoted, by Ebony Magazine, as saying this:

“I’m not gonna be there because the gospel part of the Essence Festival, apparently, me speaking my right — I have an amendment right … and that’s freedom of speech. So my freedom of speech caused me not to be at the gospel part of the Essence Festival. And I’m pretty sure they don’t want me to be there because I said ‘f— Christianity, f— the church,’ I said that. Maybe that’s why they don’t want me to go.”

Lawd, Lawd, Lawd….I guess every now and then we we all have to vent. Bottom line is, Le’Andria Johnson is a SANGIN’ somebody, but now that this videos have gone viral, she may wanna try a career in R&B instead, just sayin.’