Guess What New Edition Is Doing To Make Sure That They Never Go Broke?

Posted On : October 26, 2014
New Edition
New Edition

The New Edition members now have side hustles that will probably shock you, but their smart, because this is how they’re making sure that they keep their finances healthy and never have to be placed in situations like they were in back in the 80’s.

They’ve repeatedly spoken publicly about how they spent the early stages of their careers (The “Candy Girl” and “Is This The End” era) dead broke. They had millions of fans, but were still living in Boston’s Orchard Park housing projects and only received a whopping $1.87 check from their record label at one point in time. Now all of that happened in the early, to mid 80’s, so when we fast forward to today, N.E. has lived and they’ve learned, and now they seem to be making sure that they have their side hustles on point because clearly, their music careers are what they love, but the music industry business can be kind of cut throat at times…depending on who you ask.

Take a look at what they’re now doing to make sure that their money never looks funny again…