Guess Which Popular Song We ALL Know That “Cochise” Sang Background On?

Posted On : March 4, 2015
Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs in "Cooley High" as "Cochise"
Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs in “Cooley High” as “Cochise”

It’s been over three decades since this song was released and most of us never even knew Rick James and Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs a.k.a. “Cochise” from Cooley High a.k.a. “Boom-Boom” from Welcome Back Kotter a.k.a. “Joe Jackson” in The Jacksons: An American Dream had this one thing in common:

They both sang on Super Freak. Yep you read that right, “Cochise” can sing and he sang the background vocals on Rick’s song. That’s crazy right? How come this wasn’t publicized more back then? We verified the credits on Ricks album and Lawrence’s name is actually listed in the credits. Who knew?!!

cochise and rick2 blog pic

Here’s another surprise: Lawrence released THREE R&B albums back in the day and they actually were pretty good. Check out one of his songs on the next page. Okay now this the last shocker (to some folks) about this “Super Freak” song…guess who else sang on that record? The legendary Temptations!

temptationsWow! Many of us knew this, but a lot of us didn’t. At one point I couldn’t have imagined the Temps singing the lyrics: “That girl’s a super freak”? But after I found out I could, because the proof is in the pudding. It’s definitely them singing along with “Cochise” on that joint. Remember when Rick screamed “Temptations sing” on the record? That flew right over a lot of our heads back then. Rick sure knew how to put together an interesting bunch, didn’t he?

Now listen closely and see if you can here all of their voices on Super Freak

Flip the page to check out one of Lawrence’s songs from his 1978 self titled album and see what he’s doing now.