Guess Which Soul Icon Has Sold Millions, But REFUSES To Fly On Planes?

Posted On : July 11, 2015

7-11 aretha guess

This musical icon has traveled to many parts of the world, won many awards, sold millions of records nationally and internationally, has been in the music game for almost 6 decades and but has never flown on a plane. She still continues to keep her travels old school…ALL the way old school, like pre-airplane invention old school.

This has caused a few hiccups throughout her career, with the most recent one being last week when her bus broke down on the side of the road, on her trek multi-thousand mile trek to a concert she needed to be at within a few days. You see, it typically takes her days to reach her next destination, being that her airplane phobia is so bad that she travels on wheels everywhere she goes. Flip the page to see who this pre-plane era soul diva is…

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