Guy Member Damion Hall’s Adult Kids Made His “Wish” Come True For 51st Birthday

Posted On : June 11, 2019

Guy: Aaron Hall, Teddy Riley, Damion Hall [Instagram]
Guy member, Damion “Crazy Legs” Hall, had a blast celebrating his 51st orbit around the sun the other day. For him, nothing was more rewarding that the way his eldest kids made his “wish” come true. Typically the greatest moments in life cost no money, and are not tangible- they’re simply filled with unconditional love, which is exactly what his kids gave him on his big day and now he’s shared the moment with the world.

In a recent Instagram Live video, Damion Hall revealed that he hasĀ EIGHT children and two grandbabies total. From the looks of it, he’s not just his kids’ Father, he’s their Daddy- there’s a difference, as we all know. The Guy crooner oftentimes shares photos of himself happily spending father-child time with his babies and for his 51st, that is precisely what he did with two of his beautiful daughters and his two eldest sons.

He shared photos of them all and captioned his birthday post with this loving message about his seeds:
“I had the wish on my 51st Birthday of sharing it w/My 3 Oldest Children and so in My Heart…..I Did….What a Night of Love and Friendship.”

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Below are the photos Damion shared of his three eldest children on his birthday and we’ve also included a few fun facts about them…

Fun Facts About Damion Hall’s Daughter, Alexia…

Damion Hall (R) celebrating 51st birthday with daughter, Alexia and son, Sergio [Instagram]

As we previously reported, Alexia has a beautiful voice, as y’all can see in her video below…

She is also an actress, who recently starred in the film, Locating Silver Lake, in which she played the role of “Lillith.” You can check it out On Demand…

His Other Daughter, Keke, Is Gorgeous…

Damion Hall shared this photo with daughter, KeKe, for his 51st birthday (via Instagram)

Not much is known about Keke, because she typically prefers to fly under the radar, unlike her famous Pops…but nonetheless, she’s a natural beauty, ain’t she?

Damion’s Sons, Sergio and Marcus, Get It From Their Pops…

Damion Hall with two of his sons, Marcus (L) and Sergio Hall (R); [via Instagram]
Damion’s sons get their swag from their dad and apparently the ladies love it. Matter of fact, one of his sons, Sergio Hall (pictured above R, and below), is following in his pops’ footsteps. Nope, not as a singer, but as a rapper and a fitness trainer. Yep, Damion Hall is also a fitness trainer now too, which explains why the brotha is so in shape at 51.

Damion Hall shared this photo with son, Marcus, on 51st birthday [Instagram]
As far as his son, Marcus, like his sister, Keke, he, too, likes to live life away from the spotlight, so not much is known about him either, other than he has served in the military.

Happy Birthday Damion Hall…good lookin’ family king!