Halle Berry Makes Rare Appearance With Her Daughter & She’s Way Older Now

Posted On : October 30, 2017

Ever since Halle Berry had her first child in 2008, she has made it crystal clear that she is very protective her kids. So much so, that she has sometimes lashed out at a few overly-thirsty paparazzi cameramen in the past, for following her and her children like they were on display at a zoo. After getting so fed up with the many fans and paps who wanted to see her with her kids, Halle made the conscious decision to keep them out of the public’s eye…for the most part.

Halle Berry

She and her then Australian boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, had their daughter, Nahla, in 2008. Halle also had she and her now ex-husband/French actor, Olivier Martinez’s, son, Maceo, in 2013. Although both kids have been photographed in public quite a few times, in recent years, Halle has pretty much kept them away from the cameras. In fact, in 2012, Halle revealed to People Magazine, why she wanted to relocate to France. **FYI- She was denied of moving to France after Aubry took her to court for trying to take his daughter with her too:
Throwback photo of Halle Berry with her then boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, and their daughter, Nahla

“It’s the appeal of privacy and a greater sense of safety for Nahla,” [said Halle]. “I don’t want her to grow up around the tabloids. Because we are followed all the time, she is starting to feel like she is somehow special, and of course she is, but I want her to understand that she’s special because of who she is, not because she was born into this celebrity blender.”

Halle’s Daughter Now…

So that’s why Halle surprised the hell outta many when she was recently spotted at a popular spot with 9 year old Nahla. Another reason folks were surprised is because Nahla has gotten so big since we’ve last seen her. In a photo, shared by The Shade Room, Halle walked with Nahla, who was adorably clutching her baby doll and combing it’s hair. Too cute, right?!! Check them out below…


Halle’s High Child Support Payments

After seeing Halle with her daughter, I couldn’t help but wonder if she’s still paying that hefty $16,000 monthly child support bill to her ex, Gabriel. In 2014 a judge ordered her to cough up that amount. By 2015, Halle marched right back into court to bid to get the amount reduced to a little over $3,000. She accused Aubry of living off of Nahla’s child support checks and refusing to find work. While Aubry, however, blamed his lack of modeling gigs on the fact that Martinez clocked him in the face at Halle’s L.A. house in 2012. Yeah…it was a big mess, but thankfully the exes are reportedly in a great space now.

Halle’s Son Celebrates 4th Birthday

Halle with now ex-husband, Olivier Martinez

Although Halle took Nahla out to a popular spot, she chose to still keep her son private. Maceo recently celebrated his October birthday and has just turned 4 years old. Although Halle shared the blast her lil’ man had at his b-day shindig, she only showed his fingers gripping his cupcake.



She also shared a pic of herself having a good ol’ time in the play ball pit.


And just in case you’re wondering what Maceo looks like, here’s a 2016 photo of Halle, Maceo, and his daddy, Olivier on a beach…

Halle, Maceo, Olivier

Aside from her babies putting a smile on her face, so is Halle’s new 35 year old British beau-thang, Alex Da Kidd. Yep, Halle must have a serious attraction toward cats with foreign accents….

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