Halle Urges Fans To Try Her Family’s Thanksgiving Tradition & Fans’ Replies Are Touching

Posted On : November 22, 2018

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As the country continues to get their grub on this Thanksgiving, actress, Halle Berry, is reminding folks not to forget the true purpose of the holiday in the first place. She’s not just talking though, she’s offered a direct solution as to how to go about doing so, by sharing a family tradition she says her own family partakes in every year.

Halle took to Twitter to share that her fam’ doesn’t just celebrate Thanksgiving Day as an opportunity to get a home cooked meal of turkey gravy, cornbread, and such. Berry said they celebrate an entire week of thanks during this time and has now urged her fans to do the same:

“There’s a tradition in my family where, instead of celebrating one day for thanksgiving, we practice a full week of gratitude. I’ll be devoting this week to what fills my heart my joy and re-connects me to my blessings. Would love to know what you’re most grateful for! ♥️”

Fans’ Reactions Are Priceless

What came next was unexpected though. Although Halle probably thought her tweet was just that- a tweet- her millions of followers began to share very emotional ways they are truly grateful within their lives. Many wrote heartfelt and sometimes heartbreaking messages about what they’ve gone through, turning Halle’s tweet into a touching, much needed public therapy session of sorts. Below are just a few of the tweets Halle received and on this Thanksgiving they are reminders of why we should be grateful, not just on this Thanksgiving Day, but EVERYday:

@senterstage: “One year after my oldest passed away, I’m grateful for the two kids that I still have. I’m thankful for my sanity & the love of real friends and family. I’m thankful for the awareness to know I still have a life that someone else craves. I’m grateful and thankful for all if you.”


@jfchiff: “For the opportunity to live without drugs or alcohol for 21 years. That gave me the ability to be a husband, a parent, a son, a brother. I’m grateful for the perspective I’ve gained throughout my 58 yrs. For family, friends, for today. For tomorrow. For love.”


@valley1752: “I am thankful for getting through breast cancer with breathing complications after my surgery. It was a very emotional journey, but God helped me through to be a testimony to others and I am a spiritual warrior. Love your life, you only have one. Happy Thanksgiving beautiful!”


@neilwinnington: “I’m grateful for the good times this year inspite of suffering a stroke. Grateful for my beautiful daughter even though my ex wife abducted her and won’t let us have any contact. I’m grateful for friends. For the good things. For the love of my life I am yet to find.”



What are you most thankful for ILOSM family?