Halle’s Ex, David Justice, Exposes Her For Who He Says She REALLY Is!

Posted On : November 3, 2015

fb david justiceHalle Berry’s ex-husband and former baseball player, David Justice, let it rip the other night on Twitter, because he says that he is simply tired of Halle not stepping up to let the world know the TRUTH.

It’s been almost 20 years since they divorced and Justice has stayed relatively quiet on why they parted ways, but after finding out about Halle’s newly pending divorce from her third husband of two years, Oliver Martinez, Justice said he had to say something because not only does he want to set the record straight for his own children (with his current wife), he said that he simply could not take the false perceptions that Halle tried to paint about the men in her life to make herself look good. He also claimed that Halle tried to ruin his life and that she also did the same thing to her ex-husband/singer Eric Benet, her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey, and now Oliver Martinez.

After reading what David explained, it’s kind of hard to blame him for speaking out to defend his character. After he blasted a series of Tweets about his truth with Halle, even Eric Benet chimed in and joined forces with him. Tap the ‘next’ button to see how David put Halle on blast…