‘Hangin With Mr.Cooper’s’ Mark Curry Details Tragic Ordeal That Left His Body Severely Burned

Posted On : May 10, 2019

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Remember comedian and actor, Mark Curry, from back in the day? Most of his mainstream fans know him as the star of the 90’s sitcom,  Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper. For those of us, Old Schoolers, who are 80’s hip hop fans, we also remember being first introduced to Curry, when he portrayed that hilarious ‘hater’ on Too Short’s 1989 hit, “I Ain’t Trippin.”

Mark Curry’s work created some great memories throughout the years, but behind the scenes, the brotha has gone THROUGH the fire and back. He endured a strange, frightening accident that left part of his body severely burned and has recently spoken about it.

He also revealed which celebs helped him overcome his subsequent suicidal thoughts after the horrific ordeal.

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During his VladTV interview, Curry was initially reluctant to discuss his accident, stating “that’s kinda block outta my life,” because it’s too painful of a memory. However, he did manage to give some details.

In 2006, 20% Mark Curry’s body was severely burned while dong laundry at his home. Let him explain…

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