Happy Birthday! Kandi Buruss’ Husband Todd Tucker Gifts Her With Enormous Birthday Gift

Posted On : May 17, 2019

What do you get a woman who has everything? Well if your wife is an extremely successful woman and she doesn’t splurge often on herself you gift her with something you know that she would want and like but may not purchase herself… like a luxury SUV!

Yup Kandi received a brand spanking new truck for her birthday as a surprise gift from her husband Todd Tucker, he and her daughter Riley Burruss were all in on the surprise and they got Kandi really good.

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In a recent video posted to Kandi’s youtube channel, Riley recorded Todd explaining why and how he knew to surprised Kandi with a brand new truck before her May 17th birthday.

Here’s a snippet of Todd explaining on how he went about thinking of what to get Kandi.

“She wants one, but don’t know which one. She would rather invest it in something else…which is totally the way we roll. But, sometimes you have to treat yourself.”

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I got an early bday gift from my hunni @todd167! Go to my Youtube Page KandiOnline to see how he surprised me. My bday is May 17th but we’re celebrating early since I’m working this weekend.

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And that he did!

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