Have Y’all Seen “Benson” Lately?!! Check Him Out Now!

Posted On : August 4, 2015

fb benson finalRemember when Robert Guillaume a.k.a. “Benson” had us crackin’ up every time he made a sly comment to the ‘Gatling family’ on Benson (a spin-off of the TV show, Soap)? His character always seemed like the most practical level-headed person in the mansion. At first his “Benson” role caused controversy because folks were worried that seeing an African American man playing the butler for a Caucasian family on prime time TV was going to set African Americans back 100 years. Guillaume proved his naysayers wrong by playing that role with dignity and holding it down for 7 years (1979-1986). He basically carried the show.
soap TV show
Guillaume is now 87 years young and still going. Wait ’til you see him now! He recently did a reunion with the rest of the Benson and Soap cast and this is what they had to say…