After Heart Attack Peabo Bryson & Wife Pay Emotional Visit To 1st Responders Who Saved His Life

Posted On : May 21, 2019

Peabo Bryson and wife, Tanya Boniface-Bryson [Instagram]
Life is unpredictable, as we all know…and for R&B legend, Peabo Bryson, one of the most unpredictable events happened to him in the early morning hours of April 27, 2019, when he suffered a heart attack at his Atlanta, Ga. home. The “Feel the Fire” crooner is 68 years young and seemingly very healthy, so the terrifying ordeal caught his wife and fans off guard.

Peabo has now made a remarkable recovery just weeks after the heart attack and now, first time, he and his wife, Tanya Boniface-Bryson (38), are speaking out about what really happened…and they did so during their visit to thank the first responders who saved his life that morning.

Peabo’s representative has shared the details of their visit with I LOVE OLD SCHOOL MUSIC, and after hearing Peabo and Samantha, and the first responders tell their story, all we can say is, ‘Won’t He do it?!!’ Scroll down to see what they have revealed about that moment…

Peabo Bryson Thanked The First Responders…

(L to R): Logan Rogers (1st Responder Paramedic), Kayla Williams (1st Responder Advanced EMT), David Beranek (Cobb County Field Supervisor – behind Kayla), Chief Randy Crider (Cobb County Fire Dept.), Peabo Bryson, Tanya Boniface Bryson, Kim Bowie (1st Responder Firefighter), Anthony Helms (1st Responder Firefighter – behind Kim), Rich Ferguson (1st Responder Paramedic Engineer), Destiny Davidson (911 Director) and Chris Hayes (911 Supervisor and Dispatcher). [photo courtesy of Peabo Bryson]
What we’ve now learned is that fortunately, Peabo Bryson’s wife, Tanya, was home at the time of his heart attack and was able to call 911 for help. So a few days ago, they both went to Cobb County Fire Station 3 to personally thank the first responders.

Peabo first expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the first responders and the rest of the staff:

“Here I am, thanks to you guys.  … You don’t know that you’re going to survive anything like this, but when you do, the life that you had before is not the life that you have now. There is so much to be grateful for and I’ve learned to believe in the concept of second-hand grace.”

Peabo’s Wife Recalls Fighting To Revive Him…

Tanya then chimed in to thank the staff and first responders as well:

“From the minute it happened to the minute they found a pulse to the minute he got better, the whole thing has been flawless and I can’t thank everybody enough,” she said.

Then Tanya turned directly to 911 Supervisor and Dispatcher, Chris Hayes, to thank him for remaining on the phone with her and walking her through the CPR she had to administer to Peabo until the first responders arrived:

“I was a mess,” Tanya Bryson confessed to Hayes. “And you guided me through it in a way that I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.”

She also added a special thank you to the doctors and nursing staff who worked diligently to get Peabo back in tip top shape after his heart attack:

“He [Peabo] wasn’t aware of all the nurses working around him, but I was the one liaising with them and talking to them, and they guided me through each phase of his recovery.”

Peabo then big up’ed his wife:

“She gets the ‘Xena Award.’ She is the warrior princess from now on!”

First Responder Reacts To The Brysons’ Gratitude

“When you think of the magnitude of what we do as first responders, I really am not sure that people wrap their minds around the difference that they make in people’s lives,” said Cobb County Department Fire Chief Randy Crider. “There are very few occupations out there where you can lay your head on your pillow at night to say I gave a one year old son an opportunity to be raised by his mom and his dad,” he expressed, referring to Peabo and Tanya’s 1 year old son.

Speaking of the Bryson’s son, as y’all can see in the video above, he is VERY happy his Daddy is still here…and so are we, here at I Love Old School Music.