During Heated Racism Debate, D.L. Hughley Schools CNN Anchor

Posted On : August 12, 2018

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When it comes to social issues and politics, we all know D.L. Hughley don’t play. The comedian/actor has never had a problem voicing his opinion when it comes to intense topics. In fact, he’s so cut and dry, his stance is always clear. He don’t mind doin’ it for the culture.

So, when he sat down for a discussion with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, you can probably guess how things turned out. He didn’t cut no corners. By the time he was doin’ talkin, Cuomo had a whole history lesson on racism because D.L. broke it all the way down.

A Tense Debate:

When D.L. appeared on CNN with Chris Cuomo, the two ended up discussing Donald Trump and racism in wake of the one-year anniversary of the infamous Unite The Way rally where chaos erupted in Charlottesville, VA last year. Since last year, it’s obvious D.L.’s stance has not changed. He still feels some kind of way about Donald Trump placing the blame on the victims as opposed to the hateful white supremacists who were really responsible for the uproar.

For those who don’t remember, Trump criticized the victims for the violent scene that erupted even though we all know the basis of white supremacy. D.L. made it clear that there is no way to straddle the fence when it comes to racism, reports Atlanta Black Star. “There can’t be a moral equivalence,” Hughley said. “Either it’s wrong to be hateful and to promote violence and apathy and to be angry and to believe in the supremacy of one race over another, or it’s not.”

“Now we have people quibbling about it,” he continued, quoting people who claim left-wing protesters are “just as bad” as the white supremacists and white nationalist they oppose. “If somebody oppresses me and I fight back, then I’m just as bad as the guy who was determined to take all my rights away? That’s where we are in America right now.”

The Bigger Scope:

D.L. went on to explain the bigger issue with Trump’s stance and how his perspective has set the tone for a larger scale of racism in the United States. “The bottom line in this country: it is wrong to be hateful and to lead people in hate and try to subvert other people’s rights and voices and to be brutal to them, or it isn’t,” he said.

What Would Trump Think?:

Cuomo responded with an interesting question asking D.L. if he thought Trump would disagree with his piercing statement. As expected, D.L. wasn’t bout to back down. He stood firm and reiterated his stance. “I believe the president is a wanton racist, and I believe that America is not uncomfortable with it,” the comedian said firmly. “When you tell me 89% of Republicans support him no matter what he does, I’ll say this. I can’t say all his supporters are racist, but I can say, for them, being a racist is not a disqualifier.”

Cuomo clapped back with a serious accusation insisting D.L.’s controversial comment “‘set a high bar’ before denouncing ‘white extremists and white power people and the Qanon and the conspiracy crazies.'” Again, D.L. wasn’t havin’ it and he quickly cut the anchor off and fired back with another argument.

“White men don’t get to decide what racism is,” Hughley said. “They were so bad at judging it every time it happened. They were bad at judging it during slavery. They were bad at judging it during Jim Crow. White people don’t get to play this game. You don’t get to decide what the rules are here.”

“The bottom line is this,” Hughley continued. “We have watched children being put in cages. And the very scriptures that they quoted to put black men in chains, they used to put immigrants in cages.” If you haven’t seen the full segment, check out the full interview for D.L. whole rundown on racism.