See Countess Vaughn Dismiss Rekindling Friendship With Brandy

Posted On : July 23, 2016

Well if you remember, Countess Vaughn and Brandy were friends back in the day when they were filming the show, “Moesha”. But after the show ended and Brandy continued to move forward in her acting and singing career, we didn’t hear much about Countess Vaughn until 1998.

brandy and countess2

Countess Vaughn was interviewed by Vibe Magazine back in 1998 and infamously blasted her onscreen BFF Brandy for taking credit for the show’s success.

“I think she’s very funny, very talented. I just feel like she wants to be in the position I’m in. People tell her, ‘You’re the reason why the show’s successful.’ And she’s told me that before. And she’s called me a b***h–to my face. She said, ‘I’m the reason why the show is successful, b***h.’ In front of a lot of people. And I looked at her like, Wow. I couldn’t say nothing about her because I wasn’t about to. She knows. She wakes up and looks at herself in the mirror and gets disgusted. I don’t.”

Now fast forward to December of last year, (2015), and Countess apologized to Brandy:
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@4everbrandy I’m proud of you. For placing one foot in front of the other. For waking up every morning and simply giving it your best shot. for placing a premium on personal growth too. We been threw are ups and downs , high and lows … But at the end of the day I had to learn in find myself why not be friends when we’re both talented, Why call you names when your just an amazing person… I’m proud of you for being you and working to rise to the best you inside of you.You are an amazing being with amazing God-given capacity. I believe in who you are and who you are working to be. We are all works-in-progress. One of life’s purposes is to improve on the wiring under the hood of our lives. I believe in your ability to stand and courageously be the person you were meant to be. Im not perfect , no where near it..I care about your life and your happiness. I wouldn’t do what I did if I didn’t. I care about you as a person. We are spiritual siblings, you and I. I know this to be true. And it means a lot to me… I apologize for anything Negative I’ve ever done are said to you ….sorry this had to be on social media , I just want the world to see that I’ve grown out of my comfort zone ….. Hopefully one day I can tell you in person or on the phone to let you know I mean everything I’ve wrote …..I didn’t do this for applause, because we all know that some people don’t believe celebrities to be “human”, but this came from a very human place. No matter how or if she respond know that the Universe will continue to bring me growth and happiness because that is what im putting out there…😘😘😘Congratulations on every thing you’ve accomplished… Love you beautiful ….happy holidays from Countess 😘😘😘😘


Well now yesterday, while promoting her reality show, “Hollywood Divas” she quickly answered the interviewer with a sharp, “NO” if we would ever see a rekindled relationship with Brandy.