Here’s How Ashford & Simpson’s Kids Are Continuing Their Legacy

Posted On : May 28, 2018

Whenever most of us think about the iconic singing/songwriting soul duo, Ashford and Simpson, we instantly feel like singing one of their classic lines, like, “And now it’s solid! Solid as a ROCK! That’s what this love is…” and the countless other FIRE songs they pumped out through the years. But most us probably don’t think of their kids whenever we hear the legendary duo’s names, because many of us didn’t even know they had kids. Scroll down to see their daughters all grown up today and what they’re doing now….

Meet The Ashford & Simpson Children

(L-R) Nicole Ashford, 43; Valerie Simpson; Nickolas Ashford; Asia Ashford, 31 (via Pinterest)
(L-R) Nicole Ashford, 43; Valerie Simpson; Nickolas Ashford; Asia Ashford, 31 (via Pinterest)

Throughout the years, some of us have seen pics of Asia Ashford (31) and Nicole Ashford (43), as children and teens, but they sort of stepped away from the spotlight as they became adults.

Today they ladies are continuing their parents’ legacy, by running their parents’ legendary restaurant/bar, called Sugar Bar, located in Manhattan, NY. Many fans and celebs alike oftentimes frequent the spot that Nick and Valerie started. Also, when Valerie’s not working, she’s very hands on with Sugar Bar as well.

Valerie Simpson with her and Nick Ashford’s daughters, Asia (L) and Nicole (C); via Instagram


It’s been 7 years since we lost music legend, Nickolas Ashford, to complications from his throat cancer treatment in 2011. He was 70 years young and just like his wife, Valerie Simpson, was extremely close to their daughters. In a prior interview with Oprah Winfrey, Valerie, Ashley and Nicole reminisced about Nickolas Ashford and the beautiful legacy he left behind. Check it out below…


Both of their daughters oftentimes pay homage to their parents, much like Nicole did for her late father, Nick, as she celebrated his birthday..

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Although you are on my mind everyday, today is special, it's your birthday. The pain of your absence isn't as a great as it once was. Instead of tears, I, now, smile more because of you. The light that you carried while on this earth still continues to shine within Nicole, Mom, and I. And for that, I'm forever grateful. Mom recently wrote, "A parent's death is his or her last gift to a child, removing the yoke of fear and expectation." Even though that message rings true, the best gift you ever gave me was you. Happy Birthday Daddy! I miss you and I love you forever! #happybirthdaydaddy #nickashford #may4

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Today, Valerie Simpson is doing her part to make sure she, too, continues to build the legacy of Ashford & Simpson. She recently starred in the popular Broadway musical, “Chicago,” and is beyond excited for the opportunity. Her husband, Nick, would be so proud of her and their daughters for being the strong ambitious women they are. Rest on Nick Ashford.