Here’s The Post That Kandi Burruss Deleted After Being Accused Of Living A ‘Swingers’ Lifestyle

Posted On : January 15, 2018

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Not again? So, it appears that Kandi Burruss-Tucker is entangled in yet another lesbian rumor. While it’s not Porsha accusing her this time, it appears that Kim Zolciak-Biermann alleges that Kandi offered to lick her box as well. Now, the ladies are having a Twitter war as Kandi responded to Kim’s claims.

Kim Vs. Kandi:

Lawd!! Former friends, Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Kandi Burruss are going at it on Twitter after Kim accused Kandi of offering to “lick her box”. Shereé Whitfield, also known as the bone collector,  sat down for dinner with Kim Zolciak-Biermann, the tea hit the fan as Kim started spilling some spicy allegations. While the ladies are having dinner, Kim swears on her children that Kandi allegedly offered to lick her box as well. Shereé is completely stunned as this is not the first time that Kandi has been accused of being a closet lesbian. If you can recall, Porsha Williams made those same accusations last season.

Fed up with the lies, the lies, Kandi took to Twitter to address Kim’s claims by boldly stating that she NEVER wanted to have any type of sexual relations with Kim. Additionally, Kandi told Kim that she should stop using her children to support her lies. Then, she dropped the mic by implying that Kim was making these lies up to be a permanent housewife. However, Kandi quickly reminded her that she was just a “friend of the show”.

Kandi deleted her post, but here’s the screenshot.

Kim then clapped back by stating that Kandi and Todd are allegedly swingers. The former housewife of Atlanta implied that Kandi and Todd have sex with other women on a regular basis yet they deny it. In case Kandi forgot, Kim reminded her that she was one of the original housewives of Atlanta. Kim claims that there would be no show if it wasn’t for her.

Kim And Kandi Used To Be Friends:

Kim and Kandi were once great friends. Remember when Kim thought she could sing? Grammy award winner, Kandi Burruss helped Kim have a measure of success in the music world as she wrote, Don’t Be Tardy For The Party. While the song was originally a country song, Kandi co-wrote a remix of the song with Rodney Richard and they just kept the chorus from the original song. At that time, Kandi tried several times to recoup monies owed to her for both royalties and production writing fees. Kim made tons of excuses and reportedly didn’t pay Kandi all of her money. Additionally, Kim put the song on “I-Tunes” without Kandi’s consent. The ladies even went to court over the song but Kandi lost which wasn’t surprising because she had Phaedra Parks representing her.

The ladies appeared to be moving on but then there was the baby name saga. When Kandi found out that Kim named her son Kash, Kandi was highly upset as she alleged that Kim stole her idea. Let’s not forget the fact that Kim got upset when she alleged that Kim wouldn’t be in Africa holding black babies.

So, while the ladies are in their perspective corners, the internet reacted to the rumors that Kandi is a lesbian.

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