Here’s Why Spike Lee Stopped Speaking To His Dad

Posted On : September 21, 2015

fb spike lee and dad We love to see stories with happy endings, but we also appreciate the lessons we learnĀ from the rough times that some Old School celebs share about what they have endured throughout their journey to acquiring greatness. There are lot of lessons in this story about Spike Lee’s and his dad, jazz musician Bill Lee’s relationship. They’ve been having their fair share of ups and downs with each other for about 40 years. Right now they’re in a great space, but it wasn’t like that years ago when Bill Lee publicly spoke out about his dislike for several things he felt that his son was doing to him.

The tension first started between the two Mr. Lee’s after Spike’s mother, Jacquelyn, passed away from cancer in 1976 and then shortly after that, his dad moved in his new girlfriend, then married her soon after. Spike was quoted as saying “My Mother’s body wasn’t even cold in the grave” before his Dad moved on to his new woman. Another factor that added to their tension was that his Dad’s new woman was White.

According to Bill Lee, things got even more heated because he said…