Here’s Why Women Are Loving Marsha Ambrosius’ (of Floetry) Brother

Posted On : August 27, 2017

Marsha Ambrosius

Marsha Ambrosius has always made men swoon but apparently, she isn’t the only heartthrob in her family. The former Floetry singer’s brother is also making the ladies do a double take when they see him. In fact, he’s even gained his own following of adoring fans because the women just can’t take their eyes off him. Since Marsha is usually the one in the spotlight, most fans have no clue who Marvin-Paul Ambrosius is.

Meet Marvin:
For those who don’t know, Marsha’s brother, Marvin, is a successful fitness trainer and the owner of Fit Freaks. He’s created his own brand of Insanity HIIT workouts called Fit In 5. Although it may seem like a 5-minute workout wouldn’t leave you gasping for air, apparently, Marvin gets it done in little to no time. Of course, women are quite taken by the brotha’s looks,  but unfortunately his admirers will have to look elsewhere, because he’s a happily married man. Marvin and his wife, Stephanie (pictured with him below), have two beautiful children – a son and a daughter – together.

Keepin’ It All In the Fam’…Marsha’s Nephew Is Crazy Talented:

Another fun fact about Marsha’s family is that apparently, she isn’t the only musician in the Abrosius fam.’  Marvin’s son, Skye Ambrosius, has also followed in his auntie Marsha’s musical footsteps. Skye is a BEAST on drums…to say he’s so young. Marvin recently shared a video on Instagram showcasing his son’s skills. The video shows the young drummer cuttin’ up on the drum set, while his adorable little sister danced to the beat. Needless to say, the video is a heartwarming, candid moment, but that’s not the only obvious thing about it. It’s easy to see Skye has a bright future ahead in music. Check out the video below:

Marsha’s Niece Is A Mini Marsha!

As for Marvin’s daughter, she has quite a bit in common with Marsha, as well. If you haven’t seen her, you’d be absolutely shocked to see just how much she looks like her beautiful aunt. A couple months ago, Marvin shared an loving picture with his daughter and most fans would agree that she’s the spitting image of Auntie Marsh!’ See her pics below…


Big ups to Marsha’s brother, Marvin Ambrosius, he’s a successful family man and businessman!