Hilarious! Was James Brown Drunk, High, Or Just “Feeling Good?”

Posted On : July 28, 2015

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Remember when James Brown had that little hiccup with the law in 1988, following a domestic claim by his then wife, Adrienne Brown?

James Brown and then-wife, Adrienne
James Brown and then-wife, Adrienne

In case you don’t remember, let us refresh your memory: Brown said he and his wife got into an argument after she told him she wasn’t going on his tour with him. She then filed claims with the police stating that he allegedly assaulted her and shot at her car, resulting in him getting locked up. Brown denied the charges, claimed his wife had an addiction to prescription drugs, his wife refused to testify against him and the charges were dropped. As if that story wasn’t wild enough, the interview Brown did immediately following his release from jail was even more wild….or rather, bizarre and -although domestic violence allegations are no laughing matter- his responses were quite comical.

If you haven’t already laid your eyes on this interview, it’s a must-see and if you have seen it, watching it again will be just as entertaining as the first time…trust us.

Turn the page and tell us if you think ‘The Godfather of Soul’ was drunk, high, or simply “feeling good,” just like his song says….

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