Hmm..Days Inn Worker Gives Suspect Details On Usher &Accuser’s Alleged ‘Stay’ At Hotel

Posted On : August 12, 2017

The drama between Usher and his herpes accuser, Quantasia Sharpton (also known as Angel Valentino) just keeps getting worse. If you thought the reports were outlandish to begin with,wait ’til you get a load of the newest development. Apparently, Quantasia has someone to back her story, but fans still don’t believe the story adds up. The latest allegations involve Usher, Quantasia, and… a Days Inn Hotel. Quantasia said she and Usher had a one night stand at a Days Inn Hotel in Atlantic City. Then, to make matters even more interesting, a Days Inn worker has given a statement saying about their alleged romantic night.

The Days Inn:

According to The Jasmine Brand, Quantasia had a room at the Days Inn Hotel, which was less than a mile away from Usher’s concert venue. After the concert, Quantasia claims Usher came to visit her at her hotel room…at the Days Inn. For most, the story doesn’t seem believable, but apparently, there’s someone who can vouch for Quantasia. A hotel worker claims to have come in contact on that particular night back in November of last year.

Days Inn Atlantic City

On November 16, the hotel worker claims she saw Usher in the hotel lobby. Quantasia came down from her room to greet him before the headed up to her room. When the hotel worker – also a fan – asked Usher for a photo, he reportedly agreed to take a picture when he came back down. Unfortunately, he never returned. So, of course, the hotel worker believes he stayed all night. According to TMZ, the hotel employee claims the only reason she’s coming forth with this now is because she didn’t like Usher’s alleged claims to the media, that Quantasia is ‘not his type.’ Quantasia’s friends have reportedly confirmed that she did stay at that hotel the night of the concert but was Usher really there?

Quantasia Sharpton, Usher’s accuser

True Or Nah?:

The latest details follow an alleged statement by Usher. In case y’all missed that, insiders close to Usher reportedly claim he never slept with Quantasia because she simply isn’t his type. So, of course, somebody’s lying. Who though? We don’t know, but apparently, many fans are still on the Confessions singer’s side. Although Quantasia’s legal team probably thought the Days Inn account would help her case, fans insist the hotel worker’s claims have only made things worse and prove the story is nothing more than a desperate attempt to hit the singer’s pockets.

Attorney Lisa Bloom with her client/Usher accuser, Quantasia

Fans’ questions center around the location where Quantasia claims she and Usher met after the concert. As a rich and famous celebrity, would Usher have really made a late-night trip to the Days Inn with no bodyguards just to make a fan’s birthday wish come true? For most fans, the story seems a bit far-fetched. But despite the skepticism, it looks like Quantasia is in this battle for the long-haul. Only time will tell how this fiasco turns out. As always, we’ll keep y’all posted.