Hmm… Did Towanda Braxton Really Just Shade Tamar & Vince?

Posted On : May 24, 2017

It looks like there’s trouble in paradise with the Braxton sisters. Apparently, Towanda Braxton has been throwin’ major shade toward her younger sister, Tamar, and her brother-in-law, Vince.

The Vacation Fiasco:

tamar and vince2

According to Dallas Black, Towanda wasn’t really feelin’ Tamar bringing Vince on their family vacation. The big trip was apparently supposed to be a girls-only trip, but since it was Vince’s birthday, Tamar felt compelled to include her hubby. However, Tamar didn’t stop there. She also went a step further and threw Vince a birthday party. So, of course that decision led to a small catfight.

Not only did her sisters refuse to show up for the b-day shindig, but they also took to Twitter with their opinions of Tamar’s presumed lack of regard for the girls-only trip. Now, Towanda and Trina’s tweets have gone viral because they wasted no time voicing her frustrations on social media.

fb tamar and vince2

Blasted On Twitter:

A couple days ago, Towanda took to Twitter with an interesting series of tweets and although she didn’t mention Tamar or Vince’s names, fans were quite sure she was blasting the couple. She even accused them of putting up a good front as if their marriage is faker than a four dollar bill.

Check out the tweets:







towanda-twitter-3 (1)

Since Trina and Towanda were clearly annoyed by Tamar’s actions and Vince’s presence, it’s obvious their Twitter comments were direct shots aimed at the their lil’ sis’ and her man. Some fans even took the moment as an opportunity to slam Towanda in Tamar’s defense. Once again, Towanda has been accused of being jealous of Tamar…



Towanda’s Prior Twitter Tension:

By now, most Braxton Family Values fans know this definitely isn’t Towanda’s first time throwin’ shade at Tamar. In fact, Towanda made headlines back in March after it was rumored that she claimed Tamar lied about having a miscarriage. After that episode aired, Towanda allegedly took to Twitter and tweeted, “Yeah…IVF doesn’t mean miscarriage….it means it didn’t stick…I went through that in 2004… IJS…” Once again, fans immediately believed she was calling Tamar a liar. However, Towanda then took to Twitter to adamantly deny calling Tamar a liar, stating that she’d “never confirmed that” and even threatened to take legal actions.

Although the two sisters have butted heads on several occasions, sibling rivalry isn’t uncommon and they’ll most likely get past this latest disagreement.


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