Hmmm..Halle Berry Gives Very Blunt Response To Those ‘Pregnant’ Photos Claims

Posted On : June 5, 2017

After recent pics of Halle Berry surfaced of her caressing what appears to be a baby bump, the social media streets were most definitely talking. All sorts of comments and questions were flying full steam ahead: ‘Who is Halle’s new baby daddy?‘ ‘Halle pregnant at 50?!!‘ ‘Ooh…Halle looks flawless during her new pregnancy!‘ Y’all get the point.

Halle Berry at Butterfly Ball

Halle at Butterfly Ball

Welp, about 24 hours after Halle’s ‘baby bump’ pics caught steam, Ms. Berry herself has spoken out, as well as her rep, according to Love B. Scott.

Halle’s Response To ‘Bump’

Halle’s Rep’ Responds To Pregnant Rumors

“It is completely untrue. She is not pregnant.”

I’ve still gotta give a side eye to this one. Not that I don’t believe Halle is not pregnant, but now I’m questioning her poses on that red carpet. Typically when a woman is a lil’ bloated, or had a lil’ fun at the buffet recently, the last thing she’d try to do is bring attention to the fact that she may have gained a few pounds. However, in Halle’s pics, she’s actually caressing what she says is just  the result of some good eating lately. Therefore, I’m not quite sure if she and her rep’s statement was actual ‘damage control’ to simply clear up a rumor, or if it was just a part of a publicity plan Halle and/or he team concocted. If it was for publicity, it sure did work. You know how the age old celebrity saying goes: ‘All publicity is good publicity.’