Hol’ Up! Brandy & Her Man Pulling A PR Stunt? Here’s The Latest…

Posted On : July 2, 2017
Brandy and her man/rapper, Sir the Baptist

Brandy has had a wild three to four weeks and based on her most recent moves, (which you’re about to see), fans are starting to wonder if she and her boyfriend/rapper, Sir the Baptist, are pulling a publicity stunt, or simply living a roller coaster ride of a life at the moment.

Brandy’s Past Issues

Pregnancy rumor…
Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen Brandy get publicly congratulated by her former Moesha cast member, Countess Vaughn, on her ‘new pregnancy,’ only for Brandy to immediately shut that rumor down and make it known that she was NOT pregnant.

Regardless of what Brandy said though, many of fans viewed her recent Instagram photos- where she appeared to have a very tiny ‘tummy bump’- as “proof” that she was pregnant no matter what she denied. Was that deflection of something that she wasn’t wiling to share with the public? Who knows.
Unconscious plane…
Then soon after the pregnant rumors, Brandy was found unconscious on a Delta Airlines flight and later released a statement saying she’d passed out from “exhaustion.” Her brother, Ray J., also repeated that same claim. Again, fans were skeptical and felt there was more to it that Brandy wasn’t revealing. Some feared drug usage, while others still speculated pregnancy issues.
Their online rant…
Now, few days ago, was her sudden deletion and rant. She and her boyfriend, Sir the Baptist have been posting lovey dovey photos of each other all over their social media pages for the past few months and their fans were very happy for them. However after Brandy deleted ALL remnants of Sir from her pages, then posted a couple cursed word laced, angry girlfriend posts about being played by someone (without specifying who she was referring to), it seemed as though she was cursing out Sir. To add fuel to the fire, on that same day, Sir posted a video message of his own about letting a woman (whom he referred to interchangeably as God) go because her fans need her. Now comes this…

Here’s Brandy’s & Sir the Baptist’s Latest Move That Has Fans Talking

Fans are now wondering if Brandy and Sir are just playing their fans emotions and/or trying to deflect the attention elsewhere to hide something else. Why? Because as of Saturday (6-1-2017), they’re apparently all good and posted giddy messages like nothing ever happened…




We said all this to say that sometimes the real life reality show that are the lives of celebs can be an illusion, or better yet: a scripted series that we may not even realize we’re watching, until they make a suspect move and the red flags are raised as a result.

At any rate, it’s great that Brandy has seemed to finally find TRUE love because Lawd knows she’s had a few too many failed attempts with very public relationships. If this one doesn’t work out (hopefully it does though), we suggest she goes underground with the next relationship, until they’ve reached the three or four year mark or so. Best wishes to Brandy and her new singer boo, Sir.

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