How Four Force MDs Members Sadly Died After Success, They Were Way Too Young

Posted On : October 8, 2021
Force M.D.’s

When Force MD’s took the R&B industry by storm, they had everybody singing “Tender love, love so tender, holding me close to you, baby I surr-en-der…”. Then they hit us again with their hits, “Love Is A House,” “Here I Go Again,” and “Tears.” They had ’80s radio on fire at that time! The Force MD’s music used to set the late night mellow mood radio shows off just right too.

They were on top of the world during that era. Then, things suddenly began to change behind the scenes, and ultimately three members died at very young ages.

We knew them as the clean cut group that consisted of brothers, Stevie D. and Antoine “T.C.D.” Lundy; their uncle, Jessie Lee Daniels; and their two friends, “Trisco” Pearson and Charles “Mercury” Nelson. However, what we didn’t know was that there were some struggles and internal battles they were dealing with, right in front of our eyes.

How 3 Members Died Within A 5 Year Span

Top row: Jessie D., Stevie D.; Center: Charles “Mercury” Nelson; Bottom row: Antoine “T.C.D.” Lundy, Trisco Pearson

After a while, fans weren’t really buying many Force MD records anymore and then things took a very tragic turn for the worst- 3 members of the group passed away within a five year span and a fourth member sadly died decades later.

Antoine “T.C.D.” Lundy

Lead singer, Antoine “T.C.D.” Lundy, passed away from Lou Gehrigs disease (also known as ALS).

Charles “Mercury” Nelson

Charles “Mercury” Nelson died from a heart attack in 1995.

Dr. Rock

Dr. Rock (not pictured) was a former Force MD group member whom many fans didn’t get to know. He was a DJ who partnered with the group in the very early stages of their success, but left soon after Force MD’s first album dropped. Dr. Rock died suddenly from natural causes in 1998.

Trisco Pearson

Trisco Pearson reportedly developed an addiction to drugs and alcohol, eventually battling cancer as well. Sadly lost his battle with Stage 4 cancer on Sept. 16, 2016.

What Happened To The Remaining Group Members

Jessie D.

At the height of their success, Jessie D., reportedly became heavily involved with drugs. His addiction continued to progress, ultimately getting him booted from the group and landing him in prison. After getting out of the pen,’ Jessie briefly reunited with the newly reformed Force MDs, but he’s no longer part of the group.

Stevie D.

Years later original Force MD member, Stevie D.,  joined forces with his brother, Rodney “Khalil” Lundy. “Khalil” was also another original group member back in the day, but he split from the group before they’d signed their first major record deal with Tommy Boy Records.

The New Force MDs

Current Force MDs members: (L-R) Khalil Lundy, Stevie D. Lundy, and Zieme Capers

These days, The Force MDs are still performing as a 3-man group, with the newest group member, Jessie Daniels. Yep, those brothas can still hit those harmonies just as flawless as they did back in the day.

They have gone through more than enough turmoil to last them a lifetime but they never gave up and they’re still writing their legacy because it’s not ever just yet. They clearly have a passion for music and true passion will always overpower any adversities and tragedies life may through your way. Looking forward to hearing more from these cats real soon.

Barack Obama Loves The Force M.D.s

In a 2009 interview, former president, Barack Obama, revealed that the Force M.D.s were included in his Air Force One iPod playlist. Who would’ve ever imagined we would’ve ever had a President who not only knows who Force MD’s are, but actually vibes to their classic joints?!! Gotta love it!