How Teddy Pendergrass’s Girlfriend Was Mysteriously Murdered: “I’ll Never Get Over It”

Posted On : November 23, 2022
Teddy Pendergrass with his then-girlfriend, Taazmayia “Taaz” Lang

In his book, “Truly Blessed,” Teddy Pendergrass detailed his relationship with a rich girlfriend of his, who was well known around the entertainment circle. He admitted that he was deeply in love with her. her name was Taazmayia ‘Taaz” Lang. Taaz was sadly murdered under very suspicious circumstances and Teddy P. explained what happened on the night of her murder and why he never recovered from her death.

Teddy Pendergrass On Girlfriend’s Murder: “I’ll Never Get Over It”

Pendergrass detailed how he fell in love with Taazmayia “Taaz” Lang. She was the ex-wife of former NFL player, Izzy Lang. Pendergrass started dating Taaz in 1974 and by 1976, he’d moved into her beautiful home with herself and her son. She then became Teddy’s manager-girlfriend…

Teddy P.’s Girlfriend Was Very Popular Among Celebs

[L-R]: L. Huff, Taaz Lang, Teddy, Jimmy Bishop, Kenney Gamble
Teddy P.’s girlfriend, Taaz, was pretty popular- celebrities, like the young Jackson 5, always visited her home when they were in town, to play with her son and her neighbor/jazz musician, Grover Washington’s, son. Teddy was head over heels for her.

On the night of her murder Teddy P. was about to fly out for a few gigs, he kissed Taaz and they agreed to call each other the next day. That was the last time Teddy talked to her.

Pendergrass On How His Girlfriend Was Murdered

Taaz Lang with then-boyfriend, Teddy Pendergrass

Teddy detailed Taazmayia’s mysterious killing:

“Taaz was tending to business but got back to Philly in time to say goodbye before I left. We promised to talk the next day. As the rest of the entourage checked into the hotel, a desk clerk said, ‘Mr. Pendergrass, you have a urgent message from Philadelphia.’ I dialed the number and was informed that Taaz had been murdered. I was in shock.”

“Apparently, the night before, Taaz and Jo Jo Tynes, an employee of mine, drove my Mercedes to her home, Jo Jo was getting something out of the trunk and Taaz was getting out her keys to open the front door when someone emerged from the bushes and shot her at point blank range (execution style). The bullet passed through her arm and pierced her heart; she died almost instantly. “I have never gotten over her murder,”said Pendergrass.

To this day, Taaz’s murder has never been solved. Teddy’s employee, JoJo (who passed away in 2013) never saw who shot Taaz; and JoJo’s wife said he never got over Taaz’s killing either.

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