Howard Stern Blasts Wendy Williams: “Jealous B***h, You Are Nobody”

Posted On : March 15, 2019

Howard Stern has become the latest celebrity to take aim at talk show host Wendy Williams. On her talk show Tuesday, Williams, 54, told her co-hosts that Stern, 65, was planning on releasing his first book in more than 20 years. Although the former radio personality said she would buy the new book titled, Howard Stern Comes Again, she warned the book could be a name-dropping fest, as “Howard is so Hollywood right now.”

“You Don’t Have My Wit Or Talent”

(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for AHA)

Williams stated on her highly popular syndicated talk show: “Howard, I love you, but since you’ve gone Hollywood, everything you say is so predictable; every story is going to be about, ‘Oh, I love this one, and then we went on their yacht.’ He’s a Hollywood insider, which sucks. You started like me, being of the people,” she said. “But at some point you sat behind the microphone for too long and now you are the people – it hurts.”

“You’ll Never Be Me Wendy”


When Stern got wind of Williams’ comments he furiously responded on his SiriusXM program. He labelled Williams a “jealous b**** would never come close to the level of success he’s reached.”

“You’ll never be me, Wendy. You’ll never be me. You can pretend to be me, you can pretend to be like me, but you’re not. You don’t have my wit and you don’t have my talent … you couldn’t have that career. You’re a fly.”

“You Haven’t Done Anything”


Stern, who is dubbed “The King of All Media,” has previously vacationed with Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. He became enraged on his radio show at the notion he turned his back on his working class audience.

“What evidence do you have that I’m Hollywood, honey?” he asked. “What, because I found success, now I’m ‘Hollywood?’ What cause I know Jimmy Kimmel? Who am I hanging out with? She doesn’t know who I’m hanging out with. She doesn’t know what I do in this world.”

Stern claimed that Williams was only projecting her own insecurities on him as, “all she talks on [the Wendy Show] is about Hollywood” on her talk show.

“What has she said that’s controversial?” he said. “When has she put herself on the line? What has she done actually? I don’t even know. You’re not the ‘Queen of All Media.’ You haven’t earned that title. You haven’t done anything.”

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