Huh? Terry McMillan Tells WHY She’d RE-MARRY GAY EX She Sued For $40Mill’

Posted On : July 1, 2016

“Waiting to Exhale” author, Terry McMillan, has made a 360 degree turn-around regarding her gay ex-husband, Johnathan Plummer, whom she once said betrayed her by making her believe he was straight. If you recall, everything was all good in 1998 when McMillan (then 40) married Plummer (then 20), but after Plummer dropped the bombshell that he was gay, all hell broke lose as they blasted each other in the media. Fast forward to today and McMillan explains why she would re-marry Plummer again, even though he’s homosexual, details below…


terry mcmillan double pic Things got really ugly when Terry McMillan sued her gay ex-husband, Johnathan Plummer, and his lawyer, Dolores Sargeant, in 2007 for destroying her reputation:

"The defendants conspired and formed a plan to threaten to humiliate and embarrass Terry McMillan and violate her privacy and place her in harm's way, and threatened to damage her professional and personal standing in an attempt to extort monies from her," the lawsuit says. via Associated Press
Now McMillan surprisingly explains why she'd want to re-marry Plummer. SEE WHY...
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