“I Wish I Could Change My Money” – Taraji P. Henson Discusses First Time She Asked for $500K

Posted On : June 7, 2019

Taraji P. Henson is not the type of celebrity that bites her tongue. Especially when portraying a character as strong willed and opinionated as Empire‘s beloved Cookie Lyon. Though everyone knows next season will be Empire‘s last Taraji is still regarded as one of the best actresses in Hollywood. Still, there have been some bumps and bruises along the road. And since this is Taraji we’re talking about, you know she has no issue with discussing what she’s been through.

Talented From The Beginning

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The film that first truly brought Taraji’s talent into the foreground is late director John Singleton’s 2001 classic Baby Boy, where she and Tyrese burned up the screen with their toxic, endearing chemistry.

Her turn in Baby Boy set the foundation for more roles to follow including The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (which earned her an Oscar nomination) and the classic film Hustle & Flow (which Singleton produced). It was here where she and Empire co-star Terrence Howard began a cinematic romance that continues to sizzle. Though she’s been successful for years in a recent interview she sits down with Grey’s Anatomy actress Ellen Pompeo to discuss the trials and tribulations she’s faced as an actress, and of course racism was on the menu.

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