Ice Cube’s New Basketball League Debuts w/MegaStars, Star Players &Thousands Of Fans

Posted On : June 27, 2017

Ice Cube and his wife, Kimberly Woodruff, at his Big3 League opener

Ice Cube has created a league that is one of the coolest things we’ve seen in a while. His Big3 League is a new basketball league comprised of some highly legendary former NBA players, including Allen Iverson, Jason Williams, Stephen Jackson, Chauncey Billups, and more.
L.L. Cool J. and his wife, Simone Smith at Big3 League game

Cube’s league features retired players who play on three-man teams against each other. It’s an eight team league. It’s also great way to allow the Old School to represent, by keeping the players- who have stayed on top of their game and kept themselves in tip top shape after retirement- on the court and their legacies thriving.

The league’s commissioner, Roger Mason Jr., expressed that same sentiment:

Vis CNN: “There’s a nostalgia there of a fan that watched those guys in the NBA,” Mason said. “There’s also a younger fan that competes and plays 3-on-3 out on the blacktop and that will be interested to see our guys play as well. […] There’s plenty of guys that actually continue to work out, that still work on their skills and their game,” Mason said. “Those are the guys that should be out there representing the league.”

Allen Iverson looks on as coach/player at the Big3 League game opener

CNN described the Big3 League rules best: The rules are definitely different from the NBA: Big 3 will play on a half-court. The first team to 60 points wins the game, and halftime happens when one team gets to 30. Beyond the three-point arc are three circles where players can shoot four-pointers.
Actor, Michael Rapaport, at Big3 League game

Fans had been anxiously anticipating seeing their favorite NBA greats hit the court again and on Sunday night they had their chance. Cube’s star studded league went off without a hitch and many celebrities showed up and showed out for the event to the delight of the 15K+ crowd in attendance. It all went down at the Barclays Center and everyone from Whoopi Goldberg, to L.L. Cool J., to Power actress/ex 3LW singer, Naturi Naughton, to actors Michael Rapaport, rapper, Fabulous, NBA players, Paul Pierce, Lou Williams, D’Angelo Russell, James Harden, to retired NBA baller/TV analyst, Jalen Rose and many more were present for the occasion.
Power actress/ex-3LW singer, Naturi Naughton, at the game

Aside from Ice Cube, Iverson has become the face of Cube’s Big3 League and many fans were ecstatic when he hit the court during the game. The only thing was that he was out there for about 9 minutes total. As the player-coach of one of the teams, he explained why that was after the game:

“I signed up to be coach, player, captain,” Iverson said. “The coach part is going to go on throughout the game. The playing part is not going to be what you expect. I’m 42 years old, been retired, what, six, seven years? The only reason I get out there for the couple minutes I do get out there is for the fans, you know what I mean?” He added: “You’re not going to see the Allen Iverson of old out there.”

Ice Cube with NBA players, James Harden and Lou Williams; and retired NBA legend, Jalen Rose

Fabolous performing for half time

Whoopi Goldberg having a blast at the game

For now, the Big3 League games won’t air live, they’ll air a day or so, after the live games take place. The Big3 League debt aired on FS1 the following Monday night. Be sure to check your local listings for the next airing. So far, Ice Cube’s got our attention with this one. Keep the Old School alive Cube!

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