Ice-T Claps Back To Defend His Wife After Black Women Came For Her

Posted On : July 21, 2017
Rapper/actor, Ice T, and his wife Coco

ILOSM fam,’ in the world of social media, the word, “viral,” is the only place where that is a good thing, other than that, no one wants to catch anything ‘viral.’ But in some cases, going viral can be all bad for the actual person of interest in the viral online post. That was the case for Ice-T’s wife, Coco. The other day her Instagram video went viral, but probably not in the way she was hoping for.

Coco’s Post Pissed Off Many Black Women

Coco apparently had an appointment with her hairstylist, who hooked her up with some long, flowing cornrows/braids that she couldn’t wait to display on Instagram. The problem for many came in when Coco posted a video showing off her braids and referred to them as “Da Coco swoop” braids:

Fans Slam Her

There were many fans who applauded Coco’s braided hairdo. However, many African American fans were offended by Coco’s renaming of the braided ‘do. They felt as though she, as a Caucasian woman, was participating in cultural appropriation, and accused her of acting as if she created the style by renaming it after herself. One fan even referred to Coco’s ‘do as the “Lemonade,” referencing Beyonce’s side swooped braids in her video:




Ice-T Claps Back

After Ice-T caught wind of the virtual beatdown his wife of 15  years was receiving, he didn’t hesitate to step up for his lady. When a fan indirectly threw a jab at Ice T for ‘allowing’ his wife to believe it’s okay to participate in cultural appropriation, he replied with this:

ILOSM family who do you think went too far: Coco or the fans?

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