Ike Turner’s Daughter Slammed Stepmom Tina Turner’s Abuse Claims, Details Their Love Triangle

Posted On : September 18, 2021
(L-R): Tina Turner; Ike Turner’s daughter, Mia Turner; Ike and Tina Turner

In 2019 – 26 years after Tina Turner’s biopic, What’s Love Got To Do With It, shook up the industry – Tina’s former stepchild a.k.a. Ike Turner’s lovechild, Mia Turner, spoke out to debunk parts of Tina’s story in an interview with Daily Mail.

Before we get to what Mia Turner claimed — that Tina, whom she views as her ‘second mother,’ lied about for all these years — we must first fill y’all in on who Mia is and the interesting layers to her parents’ history with Tina.

Daughter Is Product Ike’s Affair With His & Tina’s Backup Dancer..

Mia Turner is the 50-year-old daughter that Ike Turner conceived with Ann Thomas- one of the backup dancers in his Ikettes group. As a member of the Ikettes, Ann performed regularly with Tina, who she sang lead in Ike’s band.

At the time of Ann and Ike’s affair, he was married to Tina Turner, thus making Mia Turner the ‘lovechild. Ironically, Tina proved to be a bigger woman then most, because she was very hands on with helping to raise her husband’s affair baby, Mia. Tina also allowed Ann and lovechild, Mia, to live with her and Ike at their home back then.

Why Ike Turner’s Daughter, Mia, Called Out Tina Turner

Mia Turner with her father, Ike Turner

‘My Dad Did Not Rape Tina Turner’…
According to Mia Turner, her ‘second mom, Tina, spread one massive lie about her late dad, Ike, in her biopic, What’s Love Got To Do With It. The infamous rape scene, where Ike violently rapes Tina Turner in their home studio supposedly never happened, claims Mia and she wants to clear her Dad’s name once and for all…and she says Tina’s sister stands with her:

Mia Turner- “That rape did not happen.” … Obviously I wasn’t there that night…but after I saw the movie I called Tina’s sister, Aillene, and said, ‘What in the world?’ …She then called Tina and confirmed to me that it never happened.”

Daughter Claims Tina Tricked Ike Into Signing Off On Violent Biopic..

Mia Turner: “A high percentage of Tina’s account has been accurate. When she signed off on the movie it was the way she wanted it, but it was edited heavily afterwards. … We find out later it was tweaked. It was made Hollywood, so there’s quite a few scenes, primarily the rape scene. It didn’t happen. In Hollywood, sex sells, whether it’s good, bad or indifferent.”

“When the movie came out, it took me 10 times to get through it. I couldn’t do it. I asked my dad, ‘How could you allow mom [Tina] to portray you like this?’ He said, ‘I signed off, trusting that Anna Mae would portray me correctly, not lying or tweaking anything. The real story. I got paid $50,000 that I wouldn’t say anything afterwards.'”

What Tina & Ike Both Said About Abuse Claims Years Later

(L-R): Ike Jr; Liz the housekeeper; Tina Turner; Craig Turner; Toni Williams; Noris Williams; Mia Turner; and Mia’s mother, Ann Thomas [via Mia Turner]
Their Blended Home Was Very ‘Loving,’ Says Tina’s Stepdaughter…
Although Mia is now disputing her ‘second mom,’ Tina Turner’s claims, she has nothing but fond memories about growing up with Tina and her biological parents, Ann and Ike under one roof:

“Tina was like a second mother to me, I have a lot of love and respect for her, I still do. I was like the daughter she never had, we did everything together.”

Tina Turner Maintains Her Abuse Claims…
In 2018, when Tina Turner released her autobiographical book, “My Love Story (2018),” the music icon has remained steadfast that her ex-husband, Ike, beat and raped her throughout their marriage:

“For me, though, sex with Ike had become an expression of hostility — a kind of rape — especially when it began or ended with a beating.” -Tina Turner

Ike Refuted Tina’s Claims Prior To Passing: ‘I punched her, but never beat her’…
Prior to his passing, Ike Turner wrote an autobiography, titled “Takin’ Back My Name (1999),” refuting several of Tina’s claims…although his rebuttals were a tad delusional:

“Sure, I’ve slapped Tina…There have been times when I punched her to the ground without thinking. But I never beat her.”

Whew! That was a lot to digest. Thoughts, ILOSM fam?’