In Defiance Of Timberlake’s SuperBowl Performance, Here’s What Janet’s Fans Are Doing For Her

Posted On : February 3, 2018

Whenever the Super Bowl rolls around, Janet Jackson’s infamous “NippleGate” finds its way back to the forefront of headlines. With all of the controversy surrounding the Super Bowl this season, many people wondered who would be willing to perform for the big sporting event. Of course, Janet Jackson’s name came to mind but the rumors quickly dispelled. But since Justin Timberlake accepted the invitation to perform, his decision to leave Janet out in the cold after the “NippleGate” has pissed fans off once again. So, in defiance of his upcoming performance on tomorrow, Janet’s fans are doing something very interesting on social media.

The Awesome Hashtag:

Janet Jackson’s fans have declared tomorrow, February 4, #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay. So what exactly does that mean? Fans all over social media will be honoring the singer because they feel it just isn’t fair for Justin’s career to continue to advance while Janet was shunned. Janet’s fans see Janet’s appreciation day as a way of crashing the Super Bowl party.”Why does the guy who ripped a woman’s top open get to keep his career while she loses hers? If you say, “It was an accident,” well apparently it was only an accident for him. #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay,” one Twitter user said.

Check out the tweets:

A Justin Boycott?:

Although fans have made it clear they’ll be honoring Janet, it’s probably safe to say that means boycotting Justin. With the NFL at the center of political and racial turmoil, the Super Bowl may not attract the type of ratings it normally would. And now that Justin Timberlake is facing backlash, the entire event may be a major flop on tomorrow. For those who haven’t noticed, the Super Bowl definitely hasn’t been as widely publicized as it normally would and with the two teams scheduled to face off, many fans have voiced frustrations about seeing the same teams appear. So regardless of how the Super Bowl turns out, one thing is for sure, tomorrow is Janet Jackson’s big day.