After India Arie Defends Chrisette Michele, Here’s How Fans Dragged Her…

Posted On : January 26, 2017

India Arie is standing in solidarity with her homegirl, Chrisette Michele, but it’s not exactly what it appears to be on the surface. Although Arie supported her friend, she said that she didn’t agree with the inaugural performance itself and has just written an open letter to explain her perspective. She has since then been getting a mixture of side eyes, shade, support, and backlash online. See what Arie said and what her fans are saying to back to her below…

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India Arie: “To All Who Are ‘Woke'”:

On Jan. 25, India Arie took to Twitter with a link to her open letter about the controversy surrounding Chrisette Michele’s inauguration performance.

By now, we’ve all heard about the heat Chrisette’s been getting for agreeing to perform for Donald Trump. Then, she penned an open letter defending her decision, created even more turmoil. Now, India Arie is sharing her opinion. She insists she stands for love and advised everyone to use their energy on the “highest good”…Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 11.46.07 AM

All who have been asleep and are now “woke”

Not fluffy, pink, new age love. LOVE as in,  THE RADICAL VIBRATION THAT IS LOVE!  LOVE IN ACTION.
Stop the petty talk – AND USE OUR ENERGY FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD. WE ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN WE KNOW when we are making “woke”  or what I call, “high consciousness” choices.

India Arie went on to admit she wouldn’t have personally accepted Donald Trump’s invitation to perform, but feels Chrisette Michele shouldn’t be ridiculed for her choice. In a nutshell, India Arie is pushing her message that it is  okay to “agree to disagree.”


Arie wrote “Do I agree with her performing at the inauguration? NO. I would have NEVER done it. For any price, under any circumstance. but thats ME. […] Do I agree with her having the CHOICE? YES. Do I think I understand the nuance that went into her decision? NO!!”

“Life is NUANCED, and before you straight up attack someone who, heretofore had been a gifted, talented, respectful, at LEAST, entertaining part of your world, – give them a chance to be human, complex, sometimes contradictory, … you know.. HUMAN,” she added.

The Backlash For India Arie:

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Although Arie may have aspired to take the high road with her open letter, many folks on social media just ain’t trying to hear that. In fact, she is now being dragged for her opinion. Black Twitter is responded with some harsh ‘open letters’ of their own, but there were also others who supported India’s stance. Check out some of the tweets:

India Arie Responds To Backlash

Chrisette Michele Responds To Arie

The Supporters

Like we said, there were some fans who agreed with India Arie’s stance. Despite Chrisette Michele making a decision most of them didn’t agree with, it shouldn’t stop them from loving and respecting her.

What do you think about India Arie’s open letter? Share your thoughts.