India Arie Is Blown Way By Diana Ross’ Reaction To Her Backstage At Essence Fest

Posted On : July 5, 2017
India Arie

India Arie is now considered a well seasoned Old School singer in the music game, but when she recently ran into an Old School music ICON, Diana Ross, she was taken aback by their encounter.

Now, we know that ‘the boss,’ Ms. Ross has had her fair share of diva-like, high sadity encounters with several singers throughout her day, according to many reports. Just ask Gladys Knight and Patti Labelle, but I digress, LOL. So before we all go jumping to the conclusion that Diana was on her diva tip with India Arie, it is a negative. In fact, according to Arie, the former Supreme showed her nothing but “baby love”…which ended up shocking the hell outta Arie.

India Arie Reveals What Ross Told Her During Chance Encounter

During Essence Festival 2017 weekend, where Ross headlined on the main stage, India Arie ran into her backstage inside the New Orleans Superdome, where the Fest took place. Somebody in India’s camp apparently was able to capture the moment, so Arie was able to post a pic of she and Ms. Ross on social media. Her surprised caption read:

@indiaarie: And she said “YOU KNOW I LISTEN TO YOU ALL THE TIME!” … and i packed my stuff and said “this night cant get any better” and went back to my hotel LOL #theboss #dianaross #essence2017

And she said "YOU KNOW I LISTEN TO YOU ALL THE TIME!" … and i packed my stuff and said "this night cant get any better" and went back to my hotel LOL #theboss #dianaross #essence2017

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That had to be a phenomenal moment for India, who idolized Diana growing up, and it’s always a beautiful thing to see an icon, like Ms. Ross, being grounded enough to give musical props to another artist who came after her.

On a side note, both singers looked beautiful at the Essence Fest’ and Diana is representin’ the Old School VERY well! Can you believe she’s 73 years young?!! Ross is still as fabulous as she was when she was sashaying onstage in her sequined gowns with Mary Wilson and the late Florence Ballard. Gotta luv it!

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