Interesting Details: R. Kelly’s Money And Influence Have Escalated

Posted On : January 31, 2019

With Black men like Bill Cosby, Morgan Freeman, or Tavis Smiley being attacked by women and movements like the #MeToo movement, how has R. Kelly escaped the effects of similar allegations?

Kelly Unaffected By Alleged Accusers

Lifetime’s TV series, Surviving R. Kelly, and the #MuteRKelly movement have both highlighted R. Kelly’s alleged 25 year history of sexual assault and emotional abuse against young Black women and girls, in an effort to end the career of the R&B singer. However, Kelly has experienced very little negative impact.

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Despite being dumped by Sony-owned RCA Records last week, (after great protests and pressure from music fans), and being a trending topic on Twitter as a “pedophile,”  it would seem as if Kelly’s 2019 was headed in a downward spiral. However, surprisingly his money and influence have instead soared. I guess what they say is true- bad publicity is good publicity.

Is Kelly Getting To The Money? 

Lisa Alter, a top music attorney who specializes in copyright law, indicated to Rolling Stone that Kelly may benefit and actually get extra coins, as a result of being dropped from the RCA Record label. Attorney Alter stated:

“If the label had a contractual obligation to release additional material and didn’t want to do it, it might make a financial settlement with the artist, because otherwise they could be potentially sued by the artist for that loss of income.”

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Should Kelly Be Benefitting In This Way?

Even with the lasting criticism, and numerous people on social media timelines swearing up and down they don’t rock with the R&B singer anymore, Don Russell, advisor and consultant for Kelly,  alluded to Rolling Stone that Kelly has continued to secure the bag, as several record labels have expressed interest in working with him.

New Female Fans

Keep in mind Kelly is still getting paid for his past work as well, which totals some 681 songs. According to Nielsen, since the the finale of Surviving R. Kelly aired, Kelly’s back-catalog streams shot up as much as 116 percent. And as twisted and cringy as it may be, Kelly has even gained some young new female fans who stupidly state they wish they could be apart of his alleged sex cult.

Whether critics want to admit it or not, people live for scandal. It’s human nature and because of that, R. Kelly is likely making exactly as much money as he was before, if not a lot more.

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