Is Miki Howard’s Son Really Michael Jackson’s? Here’s What They Had To Say About It

Posted On : May 9, 2023
Miki Howard’s son, B. Howard; Michael Jackson; Miki Howard

There’s no doubt that the similarities between Miki Howard’s son, Brandon, and Michael Jackson are definitely evident.  From the way they move, to the tone of their voices, their mannerisms, and dance styles- everything about them is similar. In fact, here have been so many theories circulating about this, that we don’t know WHAT to believe, so we wanted to show y’all the comparisons and let you be the judge.

Miki Howard’s son is a singer who goes by the stage name, B. Howard. I remember when the song, “Billie Jean,” was dominating the charts, many wondered back then, if there was a REAL Billie Jean. For over 30+ years, millions of MJ fans have contemplated that very subject, which leads us to Brandon.

Organizers of a previously highly publicized DNA test claimed to have “confirmed” that the late music legend is Howard’s biological father…..but back in the day, the TV announcer on Batman would have said “But wait! Tune in again, same time, same place,” because in another episode, TMZ claimed that test was NOT authentic.

Now, here may be the enormous bombshell: During that time, Miki’s manager was none other than Joe Jackson in the 1980s. Yep, MJ’s dad. So with this turntable, many speculate that Papa Joe may have been the supposed ‘Papa’ to Brandon. In more recent developments, the New York Daily News cited an ‘unnamed source,’ who  also claimed the late Jackson family patriarch, Joe, was actually Brandon’s father and Michael’s half brother. Like I said, we don’t know WHAT to believe.

B. Howard has confirmed, in several interviews, that he grew up amongst the Jackson family and is still extremely close to them today. He used to spend his Summers with Katherine Jackson and the rest of the fam,’ at the Jackson home, while his Mom was working on the road.

B. Howard (C) chillin’ with the Jacksons: (L) Marlon, Jermaine, Jackie, and Tito

Brandon is now a singer, who was once featured on an Akon song. Speaking of Akon, who became a close friend of Michael Jackson’s and collaborated with him for many songs…stated in a prior interview, that he thinks B. Howard is Michael’s son. Watch Akon explain that here on “The Larry King Show”:

Another longtime friend of MJ’s – actor Corey Feldman – said that he, too, believes B. Howard is MJ’s seed. Feldman and B. Howard also reportedly know each other very well.

In addition to those claims, when an interviewer expressed to B. Howard that there were many similarities between him and Michael Jackson, he then asked B. if MJ is his Dad.  B. Howard replied with this: “Really? Really? Well you’ll have to read my bio, it’s all in there, I grew up with the Jackson family.” He never gave a straight answer though.

Sources close to Brandon revealed that the Miami resident was born soon after Miki met Michael. When Brandon was asked about MJ’s DNA matching with his, he said that he “never self-proclaimed to be Michael’s child,” but again, he never denied it. Watch him say this below:

Also, after this whole DNA debacle, Miki Howard came out and stated this:

“I love and support my son and the Jackson family. The Jacksons are good very friends. They are beautiful people and have always been loving and supportive of me and my career. As to this claim – at this time I am not at liberty to discuss this, as it is common practice in our business that celebrities have non-disclosure agreements. And, we are NOT suing anyone! By the way…I am NOT ‘Billie Jean!”

He’s had many Jackson relatives on his album and if you really want to be blown away by the similarities between B. Howard and MJ, check out the clip below of B in the studio (you can forward to the 2:55 mark):

Following all the hoopla over Brandon’s DNA, Miki’s ex/singer, Auggie Johnson, came forward a few years ago, to tell the world that he is in fact the father of B. Howard.

(L – R): B. Howard; Michael Jackson; B. Howard’s biological father

The similarities between MJ and B. Howard raises red flags, but so does the fact that this story didn’t come out until AFTER MJ passed away.

What do YOU think ILOSM Family? Is B. Howard part of the Jackson bloodline someway, somehow? Or are those claims a bunch of bullcrap?