Isaiah Washington’s Comment On Weaves Sparked Huge Debate With Black Women Online

Posted On : October 20, 2017

Isaiah Washington is one of those men who absolutely loves eccentric Black women. The famed actor is all about doin’ it for the culture but he has an interesting take on something that’s widely popular among beautiful Black women. Apparently, Washington isn’t exactly a fan of hair weave. According to The Grio the Grey’s Anatomy actor took to Twitter with a debatable topic of discussion for Black women.

Is It Worth It?:

Washington directed the question to women who are “being shamed” for wearing hair weave. He wanted to know if the work is worth the presumed “emotional” toll of being shamed, or judged for the preference to wear weave.

“For my Queens that are being ‘shamed’ for wearing weaves. I love you. I really do, but ask yourself. “Is it worth it emotionally?” he tweeted. When asked, “shouldn’t everyone be able to wear whatever they want and not being shamed or judged for it?” He quickly responded, “Yes, as long as there are no consequences that forces you to defend your choice for most of your adulthood. Life is complicated enuff.”

Check out the tweets:

Not Here For IT:

Although Washington was probably asking the question out of genuine curiosity, tons of Black women weren’t happy. Of course, it didn’t take long for Twitter users to begin responding to Washington’s tweets. Needless to say, his words were met with opposition from Black women who could care less about the opinion of others. Some even wondered where his statements were really coming from.

On Twitter, Isaiah Washington is known for his culturally conscious posts but this time around it looks like he’s ruffled a few feathers. Since he sparked the debate, he hasn’t had much else to say about the topic. Days later, he shared a subliminal post that many fans believe was dedicated to Black women; or maybe just another way of sharing his opinion.

Talk to us IOSM fam’…do you agree, or disagree with Isaiah Washington?