It’s A Wrap! Cosby Trial Over w/Surprise Ending, His Fate Now In Jury’s Hands

Posted On : June 12, 2017

So the day is finally here for Bill Cosby- the day of judgement in the sexual assault case where Andrea Constand- a former Temple University women’s basketball coach- claims she was sexually assaulted by Cosby 13 years ago.

Cosby and attorney Brian McMonagle

The Prison & Fine Time Cosby’s Possibly Facing

The case has just come to an and, as prosecution and defense both gave their closing arguments earlier Tuesday (June 12, 2017). Cosby is facing the possibility of serving 10 years in jail and a $25 fine if found guilty at 79 years old.

Now, it’s a waiting game, as the 12 jurors- made of one Black person and a total of 7 men and 5 women- determine whether or not Constand is lying through her teeth, or if Cosby did the unthinkable to her by drugging and molesting her at his home in 2004.

Here’s What Made The Trial Take On A Surprise Ending

Cosby didn’t testify…
As we previously reported, Bill Cosby had already stated, in a recent interview, that he was not going to testify during the trial- so there was no shocker there.

Cosby accuser, Andrea Constand

Defense calls only one witness…
But the thing that did add major shock value to Tuesday’s trial proceedings is that once it was the defense’s turn to finally call witnesses to the stand- they only called ONE. Not only was that surprising, but even more surprising is that the witness only testified for 6 minutes. Their witness was the police detective who actually filed Andrea Constand’s police report at the time that she’d gone to police about having been allegedly sexually assaulted by Cosby. Cosby and his legal team wanted to verify that there was in fact a police report filed at the time that it was by having the detective state that as such.
Mrs. Cosby finally appeared…
The other shocker was that after not being seen publicly by her husband’s side since late April (2017), Camille Cosby walked into the courthouse arm in arm with her man today.
June 12, 2017: Camille escorting husband, Bill Cosby into Norristown, PA courtroom (via AP)

Cosby’s Attorney Raises Serious Doubt In Closing Arguments

Cosby’s attorney, Brian McMonagle, was said to have brought the noise with his closing argument about Cosby vs. accuser, Constand. Throughout the past week of Cosby’s trial, McMonagle has repeatedly called into question Constand’s motives and different versions of her story regarding her claims. He pointed out several inconsistencies she’d given to police in 2004, in comparison to the versions of the encounter with Cosby during the trial.
Tuesday’s closing statement just turned those sentiments up a notch. Not only did McMonagle raise doubt about Constand’s claims, he also made an opinion of her own- that Constand from the very beginning wanted money from Cosby- pointing out how she sought out the most sought after sex asault attorney at the same time she’dfiled a police report claiming to be distraught, after what was presented in court as a ‘year long romance’ they’d been having prior to the day of the alleged incident.

Cosby and his attorney, Brian McMonagle

Via Washington Post:“This ain’t right!” bellowed Cosby attorney Brian McMonagle in his closing argument. McMonagle…accused Constand of telling “a stone-cold lie.” McMonagle was intent on persuading the…jury that Constand was a “lover” of the comedian — not a victim. “It’s a relationship,” he said. “You know why we’re here,” McMonagle said scornfully. “Let’s be real.

At the defense table, Cosby sat for long stretches tilted forward in a reclining leather chair, and squinting. …Camille Cosby, watched from the front row of the audience. When McMonagle urged jurors to view the sexual encounter between her husband and Constand as part of a year-long romance, Camille Cosby sat with her head held high…

On Monday, though, McMonagle widened his premise, arguing that Cosby is being tried criminally because of a “drumbeat” of allegations by other women who were eager to appear on television and at news conferences. Television shows, such as “Dr. Phil,” and networks, such as CNN, gave the women a forum, he said.

What do think ILOSM fam’: Bill Cosby is GUILTY or NOT GUILTY?